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Treat yourself! Phones you can gift yourself with your 13th month pay!

Hello! My name is Lia and I’m your resident tech-enabler!

(Just kidding!)

But seriously though, holidays are just around the corner and the year is about to end. 2023 was a good year for some of us. Others may not have been so lucky.

Either way, I think it’s about time that we reward ourselves with something nice in exchange for all the hard work we’ve done throughout the year.

What better way to reward a techie by buying ourselves a new phone, right?

Here are some phone suggestions that you can buy with your 13th month pay according to your budget:

Budget: For the budget-conscious (P9,999 and below)

Xiaomi Redmi 13C – P5,499

The Xiaomi Redmi 13C is a great choice if you’re looking for a phone with exceptional battery life. It’s a very reliable phone for it’s price, making it a solid phone for every day tasks.

OPPO A18 – P5,999

If you’re looking for a stylish phone with basic functionality, you may want to take a look at the OPPO A18.

Infinix Zero 30 – P9,999

The Infinix Zero 30 is a great budget gaming phone, known for its powerful performance and generous storage space.

Budget: Willing to splurge! (P10,000 to P19,999)

realme 11 – P13,999

The realme 11 is a very solid mid-range option that balances design, battery life and performance. Low light photography might not be as great. But it’s not such a deal-breaker for the price.

Infinix Zero 30 5GP11,990
An upgraded version of the Infinix Zero 30 with better processor, bigger storage and a much improved camera specs. If you were eye-ing the Infinix Zero 30, you might want to consider shelling out just a little bit more for an even better camera experience.

Honor 90 Lite 5G – P12,990
The Honor 90 Lite 5G is great choice for a sub-P15,000 phone that can handle games.

Budget: Sky’s the limit! (P20,000 and above)

Honor 90 5G – P24,999

The much more improved version of the Honor 90 Lite 5G, the Honor 90 5G is known for it’s 200MP triple camera system. Excellent choice if your main concern is photography.

realme 11 pro+ 5G – P24,999
The realme 11 pro+ 5G is another great phone content creators might want to consider, with it’s 200MP camera and 512GB storage.

OPPO Find N3 Flip – P64,999

It’s all about the flip phones in 2023! There’s really something about owning and using a flip phone that can make one feel so special. Imagine this, you in a crowded place, whipping out your OPPO Find N3 Flip and sexily flipping it open. Talk about confidence boost. If that’s not enough reason to make you splurge on the phone, then consider its spec, most notably the Hasselblad camera branding and dual-sim feature.

Ultimately, when it comes to splurging your 13th-month pay, it’s all about YOU! Whether you’re after a killer camera, gaming, or that smooth, seamless user experience, it’s your call. So, don’t hesitate and just dive into what you really want in a smartphone before making that awesome gift-to-self purchase!

As the year wraps up, gifting yourself a shiny new smartphone with that extra cash could be the ultimate boost for the year ahead. It’s like investing in your daily grind and your joy, making sure you kick off the new year armed with the best tech and features that’ll supercharge your life!