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We have to talk about the Honor 90 5G’s Screen

The Honor 90 5G comes with a 200MP camera. But for us, as industry tech nerds, what piques our interest is an industry first 3840Hz PWM display. What gives? Why does this matter? What is it? Have you ever taken a video of your phone or TV screen and see a bunch of moving lines? Explained simply, the abundance of these moving lines indicate the refresh rate and flicker rate of a screen. The more lines there are = the more flicker. The more flicker, the more prone your eyes are to getting tired and strained.

The current industry standard for PWM dimming is 1920Hz – which is absolutely passable for most devices in terms of eye comfort, but Honor is the first to bring smartphone screens up to 3840Hz. That also means when lowering screen brightness, your eyes can adjust better. Pretty soon, 3840Hz will become an industry standard in a couple of months. Honor was the first mover for phones and this is great for everyone’s eye comfort.