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The realme 11 boasts true value, priced at P13,999

I truly enjoy unboxing realme devices. Be it the yellow packaging or the fun typography, there’s really something that sparks joy in it. The realme 11 completes the trifecta of devices for the year with the realme 11 pro and realme 11 pro+ launched a few months ahead. The tech world is not a bubble, and we’ve actually seen the realme 11 launched in other markets ahead of the Philippines: this smartphone has been highly anticipated because it’s poised as a flagship model that balances features and price. 

Out of the box, the realme 11 comes with a super fast 67W SUPERVOOC charger, USB C cable, protective gel casing, and the unit itself. The realme 11 comes in two colors – Glory Gold and Glory Black. In the photo is the former. When held up to the light, it gives off a really elegant 70’s glitter surface coat. I purpusely shot the device at a particular angle so you can see how it looks with the case — definitely go for one with a transparent back to show off that glitter bomb!

I am gushing over the 108MP camera which is an all-around performer. Here are some ultra-zoomed photos of my fountain pen inking process. From afar, this local ink, Vinta’s ‘Bodabil’ is a deep purple but the photo really captures details which you only would normally see with a magnifying glass on fountain pen friendly paper. It’s actually made up of two colors — a seaweed green sheen on maroon. Also, here are also some cute portrait shots of my dogs hanging out.

The realme 11 uUses a Samsung HM5 Sensor that allows the capture of full 108MP shots, and it with up to 3x In-Sensor Zoom. In low light situations, the phone makes use of a technology known as ‘Nonapixel Plus’ that helps remove noise in dark environments.

True realme fans will be glad to know that Street Mode 4.0 and all of its features inclusive of its watermarks and DIS (Dynamic Image Stabilization) Engine are also made available for this model. It’s perhaps one of the best modes used by street photographers daily.

The apparent difference between the realme 11 and its middle sibling the realme 11 pro is the curved screen on the latter and the Dimensity 7050 chip. However, we have to stress that the realme 11’s Helio G99 processor is more than enough for regular gaming.

Side by side comparison of the realme 11 (left) w/ the realme 11 pro+ (right)

Everything about the realme 11 is contextualized with the price. The realme 11 (8GB + 256GB) only costs P13,999, which is bonkers for a phone that touts the flagship line. 

Some key features:

  • We’re looking at a smartphone with an octa-core Mediatek Helio G99 processor, which was specifically designed for gamers in mind. This chip also supports high refresh rates and we get a 90Hz screen for the realme 11.
  • Out of the box, we are no strangers to the 67W SUPERVOOC charger having used both a realme pad 2 and the realme 11 pro+ — and SUPERVOOC chargers are truly the best in class in the Android ecosystem.
  • You’ll be glad to know that the realme 11 supports dual SIM AND an expansion slot for up to 1TB (!!!).
  • Wired headphone users rejoice, for the realme 11 has a 3.5mm jack!

Realme also launched two other products, the realme Pad 2 as well as the realme Buds T300. The Pad 2 sports the same Helio 99 processor as the realme 11 and also has a SIM card slot. It costs P13,999 for the basic 6GB + 128GB LTE model and P17,999 for the 8GB +256GB LTE model. The realme Buds T300 costs P1,599.