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Deadpool and Wolverine Super Bowl Trailer What’s in Store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Easter Egg Packed Teaser

By now the entire world has finally gotten their first taste of the long awaited Deadpool threequel – and it officially has a title too as the Merc with a Mouth shares double billing with a certain fan favorite X-Men character in “Deadpool and Wolverine”! Unless you have been living in a cave or have not caught up with the specifics, Ryan Reynolds returns to his role as Wade Wilson/ Deadpool and is teaming up with Hugh Jackman who has stepped out of retirement and returns to play his signature superhero role by returning as Logan/ Wolverine!

Now how did these two end up joining forces and winding up in their first Marvel Studios adventure together set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Watch the trailer and see for yourselves before we pick up the pieces and start pointing out some cool easter eggs too.

Ok! So here we are with Deadpool being plucked from his comfy corner of the formerly isolated Fox X-Men Universe, and getting forcefully drafted into a mission by the TVA or Time Variance Authority – aka the keepers of time and watchers of anomalies found around the multiverse as introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney + series Loki. If you remember the ending of Deadpool 2, Wade was able to “borrow” Cable’s time belt which gives him the ability to travel through time and anywhere he pretty much wants to go – so he sets off to correct some past mistakes he makes in that film as well as some meta incidents that have something to do with Ryan Reynolds playing another superhero back in 2011.

Anyway, the trailer starts off with Wade celebrating his birthday with his friends and loved ones – including a resurrected Vanessa and the other members of X-Force who were hilariously killed off during their first mission. It is a happy and peaceful time for Mr. Wilson and friends – until the TVA come knocking at his door (with a hilarious Disney mention) and he is taken to their headquarters. Wade is then briefed that he is special and has the chance to be “a hero among heroes”, and is then shown the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it with images and scenes playing out from movies such as “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, and “Thor: Ragnarok”. In that moment and after giving a salute to Captain America, Deadpool embraces the situation – saying the cinematic universe is about to change and declares himself as the messiah aka “Marvel Jesus”.

From there the trailer cues up to some scenes and montages, where we see some very familiar iconography, characters, and other easter eggs that come from the comics, Fox X-Men universe, and then some. We see what looks like the back of Charles Xavier aka Professor X, as well as Deadpool entering a casino and meeting Wolverine’s other iconic alias named Patch. Then we see a S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier downed in the distance of a dessert, Deadpool fighting in the ruins of a 20th Century Fox logo, and then the return of actor X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand actor Aaron Standford – who reprises his role as Pyro!

Finally we come to the final sequence of the trailer, where Deadpool is lying on the ground and is about to get a deadly taste of adamantium claws from Wolverine himself – all while a “blink and you’ll miss it” torn issue of the 2015 “Secret Wars” comic by Marvel Comics lies buried in the sand!

Deadpool & Wolverine, directed by Shawn Levy, will be packed with so much more Marvel content and easter eggs for sure, and this Marvel Studios production is set to hit cinemas this July, bub!