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Atlas is a Sci-Fi Action Flick That Doesn’t Tread New Ground, But Will Impress Fans of the Anime, Mecha, and Video Game Genre

When it comes to telling stories set in the realm of science fiction, there’s always the question of how does it relate to today’s concept of technology and artificial intelligence – especially in an era where Hollywood has the tools to make such big-budget projects that entertain while also inspiring audiences with what could possibly come together in the future. There’ve been several movies made by legendary directors such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, and James Cameron that have already pushed the boundaries of sci-fi and futuristic concepts and inspired others to follow in their footsteps – and Netflix’s latest film “Atlas” is a sci-fi action flick that doesn’t tread new ground, but will impress fans of the anime, mecha, and video game genre definitely.

Now streaming on Netflix and headlined by singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, Atlas is set in the year 2043 where humanity and rogue AI robots are at war. Lopez plays a data analyst named Atlas Shepherd – who has a deep distrust for artificial intelligence because a traumatic event that links her to a renegade robot named Harlan (Simu Liu) and the mysterious past she shares with him. Working with the International Coalition of Nations, Atlas embarks on a military mission to a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy to capture Harlan. Unfortunately for her and the crew the ship is attacked, forcing Atlas to enter a mech suit and descend into the planet. Out of options and time running out, Atlas must work together with the mech’s AI program Smith and learn to trust again if she wants to survive, complete the mission, and put her demons to rest once and for all.

Thanks to Netflix Philippines, I was able to catch a special theatrical screening event for Atlas held at Central Square Cinemas at Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City. As with all projects held by the company, they spared no expense in bringing the event to life and syncing it along with the themes present in the film – including sending a dogtag with a QR code invite that allows guests invited to enter the venue! Lots of backdrops and displays were present where the media and moviegoers could take some shots and pictures with – including one huge display which featured the shadowy image of the mech suit JLo pilots in the film! Refreshments and food were also served, along with drinks patterned after cosmic setting of the film. There was also a shooting gallery where visitors can try their luck shooting the targets and win some prizes in return! I tried it out myself, and won an Atlas cap by shooting the minimum number of targets required to win the prize!

As a fan of mecha and anime, Atlas hit the right target in me and is absolutely a competent movie that action movie buffs like myself will enjoy. It even “plays like a video game” in some parts, with most of us wishing we could have our very own AI named Smith that we could sync to and kick some butt using a giant mech suit too. After the screening of the movie, the media and guests were treated to a gigantic box featuring items from and inspired by the film! Featuring a jacket, an AI style night light, a “Planty” block kit you can assemble together, and a chess piece that’s similar to the one Atlas plays with in the movie, this was one heck of a loot crate and presentation that made us appreciate the care and detail Netflix put into promoting this Brad Peyton directed Sci-Fi action flick.

Atlas is now streaming on Netflix Philippines!