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Uniqlo Brings Out Tactical Espionage Action Wear with the Metal Gear Archive UT Collection

“Kept You Waiting, Huh?”

As one of the most popular video game properties ever, the Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid series have captivated the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. Its emphasis on cinematic adventure and the stealth game genres have become as big as big budget Hollywood action movies over the years – and that is thanks to the mind and imagination of series creator Hideo Kojima, who has long left Konami to pursue new projects and works with his own standalone company Kojima Productions.

Despite Kojima and Konami parting ways, the Metal Gear franchise continues with the latter owning the rights and license to the game and its merchandise. As a result, new game releases are being developed – including the recently released Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 which contains the first three MGS games, and an upcoming remake of MGS 3 called Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater. To help spread awareness and interest for these, Konami is once again selling more Metal Gear merchandise and has even partnered with Uniqlo to bring out the Metal Gear Archive UT Collection!

Featuring a selection of shirts that have previously seen release, the Metal Gear Archive UT Collection glosses over the history of the series in style and fashion. From the original Metal Gear released on the 8-Bit MSX system to the fan favorite Metal Gear Solid games and even the slice-and-dice spin-off Metal Gear Rising, the tees are designed to evoke a specific memory and era in Metal Gear history that fans who have played the games will instantly recognize and feel nostalgic for. Mostly featuring the iconic artwork of longtime series’ artist Yoji Shinkawa, each shirt immortalizes how epic each Metal Gear game is – with longtime series’ protagonists Big Boss, Solid Snake, and Raiden featured in many of the designs, and one particular tee from the original Metal Gear Solid patterned after the Cyborg Ninja aka Gray Fox with his famous quote “Neither Enemy Nor Friend” written in the front and his exoskeleton frame printed on the back of the shirt.

If you are a fan of the games and want to own a piece of history, the Metal Gear Archive UT Collection is a cannot-miss-deal for those who want to represent Tactical Espionage Action and the saga that undeniably helped make video games a cinematic experience to enjoy. It goes without saying that I’ve been a fan since the first Metal Gear Solid was released for the original PlayStation, and little did I know that the game would turn into a saga filled with a lot of iconic moments, treachery, conspiracy, and twists that would make any action buff glee with excitement. That is exactly why I am grateful to Uniqlo Philippines for making these shirts available locally. The designs celebrate over 35 years of the franchise’s existence, so in the words of Snake and Revolver Ocelot – “They’re Pretty Good” and they are simply collector’s items not to miss!

The Metal Gear Archive UT Collection is now available at your nearest Uniqlo stores nationwide!