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Toy Review: Aquaman and Storm DC Multiverse Figures are the Perfect Duo that need to be Together

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s newest merchandise released by McFarlane Toys may just answer that question and provide one of the most outstanding toy pairings put out in shelves today.

The DC Multiverse figures of Aquaman and Storm are out right now – and they go so well together that they absolutely must be in the wish list for any DC fan or toy collector looking for a good reason to spend for the holidays and add something to their displays.

Based on the new DC film that’s now playing in theaters, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the long-awaited follow-up to the 2018 superhero movie that saw Jason Momoa take on the role of the man “who talks to fish” and who eventually becomes the King of Atlantis and the Seven Seas. The toys released by McFarlane Toys are based on the characters that appear on the movie – with Aquaman getting two figures that includes his iconic orange and green outfit and the new stealth suit, while Black Manta and the new villain King Korvax get toy representations as well.

As the most iconic look that features in comics as well as the movies themselves, Aquaman’s orange and green costume symbolizes his status as king as well as a popculture icon. That toy was a no brainer to get, and it comes with his signature gold trident of Atlan as well as a pair of interchangeable hands. As an action figure, it has 22 points of articulation – allowing for a good range of motion and poseability that should allow kids and adults to play and pose the figure as they see fit. The likeness is not quite as accurate and looks more like Jesus than Jason Momoa, but it’s passable and should be enough as far as representation goes.

As Aquaman’s ride and technically a vehicle release for McFarlane Toys, Storm the Sea Horse is a huge accessory that compliments the main figure and looks pretty solid when you put them together. It’s a heavy piece of toy plastic that’s detailed so well and is worth the price of admission if you want to have Arthur Curry riding into battle with his trusted stead.

After seeing the film, I knew I had to get one and I’m still in awe over how beautifully sculpted both items are. They’re probably among my favorite releases in the DC Multiverse line for this year, and the perfect way to cap off 2023 alongside the Batman ’89 and Batmobile combo pack set.