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Brother Philippines and PBSP ignite the young minds of students with the  Lakbay Aral Program

Leading provider of printing, imaging, and label solutions, Brother Philippines, in partnership with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) proudly reintroduces the highly anticipated Lakbay Aral Activity for the students of Inigan Elementary School.

As a pivotal component of Brother Philippines’ commitment to community development, the Lakbay Aral Program stands as one of the two annual initiatives specially curated for the students of Inigan Elementary School. The program, now in its 11th year, entails an enlightening educational excursion aimed at fostering the holistic development of the students. The selected educational institution is also the beneficiary of Brother and PBSP’s Brigada Eskwela.

Sparking curiosity and joy with the students of Inigan Elementary School

Brother and PBSP spread holiday cheer to the students last December 19, 2023, through an educational trip to the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City. It was a fun day filled with learning, exploration, and amusement alongside their parents and guardians.

The Brother Philippines associates also became Santa’s helpers as they join the trip and gave out presents for the kids. The students in return, serenaded everyone with a heartfelt Christmas carol enjoyed by everyone.

“We are delighted and grateful that we get to continue to do this for the students of Inigan Elementary School. Through this educational trip, we get to not only impart knowledge to them but also allow them to pique their curiosity and learn in a fun and engaging way” shares Brother Philippines President Glenn Hocson. “We strive to be a medium in shaping the minds and helping build a brighter future for these kids through our programs such as Lakbay Aral”.

Aligning with UN Goals on Quality Education and Partnership

Brother Philippines and PBSP have been hand in hand in supporting Inigan Elementary School for the past 11 years, aiding in the improvement of the school facilities, with the Brother Associates providing school materials for all students throughout the years. They have been very instrumental in providing a better learning environment for both the students and the teachers of the institution for over a decade.

The Lakbay Aral program is one of the efforts that is close to the company’s overall mission as it also promotes Brother Group’s support for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically goal 4 (Quality Education), which Brother Philippines actively advocates for. In addition, the initiative also highlighted Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) of the USDGs. It acknowledges the partnership of Brother Philippines with various organizations like PBSP to successfully carry out the company’s CSR activities.

“We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with PBSP in the years to come and being an instrument in making a positive impact and improving the lives of our community through education. As we welcome the new year, we also welcome more opportunities where we could be of assistance to our fellow Filipinos,” stated President Hocson.

Brother Philippines’ continued commitment to Inigan Elementary School exemplifies the company’s dedication to its CSR initiatives and its belief in the power of education to transform lives.

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