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5 things you’re going to LOVE about the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G

The Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is FINALLY in the Philippines and here are 5 things you’re going to love about it!

#5 – It’s a really good all-around smartphone

Whether you plan to use the NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G for gaming, surfing, streaming and/or content creation, its Dimensity 7020 5G Chipset guarantees to deliver a smooth performance in whatever activity you do.

I found the phone to be pretty snappy and responsive when swiping and launching apps.

Throughout the day, I usually have a number of apps open and running in the background. These include the usual daily apps such as Facebook, Gmail, Chrome, Whatsapp, Viber, Twitter, TikTok, etc. and I did not experience any slow down.

Even with multiple apps open, launching a game and playing at the same time did not affect the phone’s performance either. The NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G handled multitasking quite well, allowing me to switch between applications without any lag or hiccups.

#4 –  Durable display is a feast for the eyes

The NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G has a 3D-Curved 120Hz AMOLED Display made with Corning Gorilla Glass. This means that not only can you enjoy stunning visuals, you can also be assured that your screen is well-protected against everyday scratches and minor drops.

The 120Hz refresh rate allowed me to enjoy smooth gameplay when playing Honkai Star Rail, while the AMOLED technology made my Netflix viewing more enjoyable.

Going through memory lane and viewing my photos on the phone was also a pleasant experience as I was able to appreciate the vibrant colors of the pictures and the sharpness of their details.

#3 – Multi-tasking with the phone is easy-peasy 

The NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G has 12GB RAM and is upgradeable to 24GB

This means that you can set aside a portion of the phone’s ROM (internal storage) to become additional virtual RAM. 

While the effect on the phone’s performance is relatively limited, especially with gaming performance, the increase in (virtual) RAM does contribute significantly to the phone’s stability instead. 

Meaning, there’s less lag and less chances of crashes when switching apps, updating files and juggling your mobile activities.

#2 – No more battery anxiety with its versatile charging features

You can say goodbye to battery anxiety with the NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G’s whopping 100W All-Round FastCharge 2.0 technology and 20W Wireless MagCharge Pad.

Aside from being able to charge the phone really fast (50% in 8 minutes!) and charging without the hassle of cables, the NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G has several charging features that fits every techie’s lifestyle.

The phone is capable of reverse wireless charging, allowing users to charge other devices like earbuds and smartwatches directly from the phone. You can even charge your friend’s phones with the NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G!

The phone also has Smart Overnight Charging that uses AI to analyze and learn a user’s charging patterns. This helps in prolonging the battery life by adjusting the charging speed overnight. This ensures that the phone will be fully charged by the time the user wakes up, without overcharging the battery.

Speaking of overcharging, the NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G has a feature that gamers will LOVE. It’s called Bypass Charging 2.0.

It works by enabling your charger to skip the battery when plugged into a power source and directly powering your phone. This helps in keeping your battery healthy and keeping it cool while gaming.

The NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G also supports dual charging modes, allowing the use of both USB-C and USB-PD chargers. This is perfect for travel techies who bring a lot of gadgets on their adventures. Instead of bringing multiple chargers for each and every gadget, you only need to bring 1!

#1 – And the best part, your wallet won’t cry!

While the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is not exactly in the super budget category, its SRP of P13,999 is extremely reasonable considering that a number of its features are usually seen in higher-priced smartphones. 

Where else can you find a 12GB RAM  phone with wireless charging that’s in the under P14k price range.

But wait, there’s more!

Would you believe me if I tell you that you can get this already affordable phone for an even more affordable price?

Well, because on April 25, there will be AMAZING DEALS on different shopping platforms that you can look forward to!

But apart from this, Infinix will also be launching the NOTE 40 Pro (4G version) simultaneous with the NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G for those who are looking for a more affordable model without the 5G connectivity.


On Lazada, the NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G will be available for a flash sale price of Php 13,499! You can also apply an Infinix voucher for an additional Php 2,000 discount, bringing the final price down to only Php 11,499!

The first 100 buyers will receive a FREE S1 smartwatch, while others have the chance to get XE23 earphones until supplies last.


On Shopee, the Note 40 Pro, exclusive only to Shoppee, will be available at a standard retail price of Php 10,999, discounted to only Php 10,599 during the flash sale. 

Shopee will provide a Php 600 rebate and an additional voucher of Php 1,200, lowering the final price to only Php 8,799

Additionally, the Note 40 Pro+ 5G will be discounted from its standard retail price of Php 13,999 to Php 12,999 for the flash sale, with additional discounts from a Php 300 rebate and Php 1,200 voucher, making the final price Php 11,499!

TikTok Shop

The NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G will be available on the TikTok Shop for only Php 11,499! Buyers will have the chance to get a FREEBIE of either S1 smartwatch or XE23 earphones, depending on the supply.

So thinking about buying a new phone?

If you’re thinking about upgrading, you should definitely consider the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G because it’s surely a phone that offers premium features without breaking the bank.

For more information, visit the official Infinix Philippines Facebook Page and Infinix website.