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First ever Vivita Robocon in PH: How robots spark a lifelong passion in the sciences

Photos c/o Vivita Robocon Website

Japan brought the first ever Vivita Robocon last November 11 to 12 in Brent International School, Baguio City, Philippines. Vivita Robocon is a robotics competition where participants design their own robots but focus on the fun and play of the technicalities behind mechanical design and prototyping. The first day of the event featured participants below 15 years old and the second day is for those that are above 15 years old.

Teams designed their robots and learned to fabricate them using laser cutters, 3d printers, and other tools available at Vivistop Baguio. Twenty-eight teams participated in Vivita Robocon Baguio 2023, with 56 robots made by 82 participants to culminate the month-long journey of ideation, prototyping, and robot design.


Japan brings Vivita Robocon to the Philippines for the first time at Brent International School, Baguio City last November 11-12 to give kids core STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) memories and influence them to become the next gen innovators. Vivita aims to associate fun with science and innovation to help kids maintain their passion towards innovation as they grow to become working professionals.#TechPH #PhilippineStarTech #PhilStarTech #Technology #vivita #vivitarobocon

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Vivita Robocon participants strategized how to gather the most points within 5 minutes in an exciting arena filled with obstacles. The under-15 division of Robota Vivicon was championed by Team Cactus members, Jillian Summer Chua and Fritz Avery Tabogader–beating 13 other teams from their division.

On the other hand, the overall winners of the event from 1st to 3rd place are Team CPE, Mirai, and Well it Works, respectively. Team CPE–composed by Derick Prince Umahan, Ryanna Alyanna Flores, and David John Haggerty–dominated and got 53 points to win 1st place overall. Team Mirai–composed of Marcial Higoy Jr., Kristine Cyra Diso, Angelica Iris Cucal, and Jhan Ray Barril–secured 2nd place and got 45 points. Lastly, Team Well It Works–composed by Jared Lyle Ang, Vincent Carl Toriaga, Genard Fonang, and John Brian Ben–secured 3rd place and got 28 points.

Timothy the Dog: Very simple design focused on easily picking things up and going fast.

Creating a core STEM memory

According to Gabe Mercado–Country Manager of Vivita Philippines—the ultimate goal of this competition is not to measure the participants’ capabilities in creating robots but to create a core STEM memory especially in the kids division. At an early age, they are introduced to the application of physics and mathematics in a very fun and engaging way. Who would think that this set of wheels with cups attached to them to catch the balls involves a lot of complex equations? 

This is ‘The Tusk Collector’. Inspired with the tusks of a Wolly Mamoth, team W.i.W designs a ball collector robot. The Tusk Collector is designed to collect atleast 2 balls having 55mm diameter.

From spark to flame

Vivita Robocon holds a transformative power to instill a lifelong passion for the sciences in children. As these young minds engage in robotics, they witness the interplay of arts and sciences though designing, building, and creating. The competition serves as a gateway, offering a dynamic platform where children can explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an interactive manner. These kids are not merely participating in a competition, but paving the way for future scientific innovators.

This is ‘Handy’.
A bot with a gripper that grips any can within gripping range.
For the Handy robot, team W.i.W takes inspiration from mimicing the movements of a human arm and translating it into a robotic arm.

“Vivita Robocon is as much about having the right strategy and creative problem solving as it is about engineering and tech. Even if it’s still a competition, we do it in a fun and playful way so we create core STEAM memories for the participants that would influence them to become the next generation of innovators that our country needs,” adds Mercado.

Vivita Robocon Baguio 2023 is brought by Vivistop Baguio in partnership with Brent International School Baguio. For more updates on Vivita Robocon’s events, check out updates on Vivita Philippines – Vivistop Baguio on Facebook.