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Yoose gotta believe it: a review of probably the best mini electric razor for the manly man

The practical man in your life tends to receive practical gifts.




You’d like to get him something cool, you think.

But every Christmas, no matter how hard you try, the same story repeats itself. Same sized box. Same expectant smile. Same touch of warmth on seeing the same practical thing.

It’s not bad.

There’s just no surprise.

This year can be different.

The Yoose Mini Electric Razor is practical. It shaves manly stubble. It can be used wet or dry. It can be brought on an airplane. It has a long press lock that disables the power button. It is easily cleaned. It comes with a brush for cleaning. It comes with a manly leather case for manly EDC carry on a manly belt.

The Yoose Mini Electric Razor is well thought out. It’s tiny enough to fit in a pocket, or the palm of a manly hand. The side with the power button is curved slightly inward to accommodate big, working man-thumbs. The other side curves slightly outward, allowing the device to sit very comfortably in rough, manly hands.

The Yoose Mini Electric Razor is cool. It comes in several manly colors to match your practical man’s prized car or motorcycle. It’s sexy like an Apple device made by Jason Momoa. It’s heavy with tactile quality. It’s modular, and the head can be replaced cheaply for the number of uses a practical man gets out of the tool. That head is attached to the body by manly magnets. Its moving parts look satisfyingly like the gears of a rugged, manly watch.

What’s not to like?

It’s got a learning curve. If your practical man is used to using a blade or safety razor, the Yoose Mini Electric Shaver will take some getting used to. It will leave hairs, need several passes, and will make even manly skin just a little tender.

Practice makes perfect, says the manual, and there is the danger that a practical man will return to a familiar tool.

Which means you can take the razor.

It’s got a cleaning process. Like all manly devices, it can be cleaned wet or dry, with dish soap. It needs percussive persuasion – intuitive for the practical man – to get every last tenacious bit of man-hair out of those satisfying clockwork gears.

Again, practice is key, but the temptation to return to old faithfuls remains.

Which means you can take the razor.

It packs away bulky. The leather case adds just enough manly girth to the Yoose Mini Electric Shaver that it becomes almost mandatory to attach the assembly to a manly belt. That self same case protects the power button’s long press lock feature, which is also released by a long press. The decision to use the case requires manly consideration to strike a tactical balance between the added diameter of the leather, and the risk of accidentally shaving a manly shirt in the luggage.

A ruined favorite shirt may affect the Yoose Mini Electric Razor’s tenure in a manly grooming kit.

Which means you can take the razor.

The real danger with this razor is this: as you give it away to your practical man, you may find yourself wishing you had one of your own.

Perhaps that orange one, to match your KTM.

Perhaps that red one, to match your Ferrari.

Perhaps that brown one, to match your Louis Vuitton or Burberry bag, because you don’t need to be a manly man to appreciate a well-made device.

Good thing it’s reasonably priced.

The Yoose Mini Electric Razor is only P2,312.00 on this Lazada affiliate link:

Get one for your practical man and give the surprise that makes him squeal like a manly little girl.

And get one for you, so he can keep his.