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A Quantum Leap

IBM is no stranger to reinvention.

Inside the Black Box

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that can mimic human intelligence by learning from data, recognizing patterns, and making decisions or predictions based on that learning.

The Last Hope for Humanity – realme 12 5G

“Damn.” Lisa mutters under her breath as she fumbles for the realme 12 5G box in her backpack while the light fades.

Dispatches from the apocalypse: the realme 12 5G samples

“There must be some mistake.” Lisa turns the yellow box over in her hands. It looks...

Printing during the apocalypse: why the HP Smart Tank 580 is a workhorse

It’s been three days since the world ended. There were signs. My motorcycle riding group noticed… strangeness....

Yoose gotta believe it: a review of probably the best mini electric razor for the manly man

https://youtu.be/NsX-ny9_wSw?si=6qHjVe3m68Kv7BGG The practical man in your life tends to receive practical gifts. Socks. Shirts. Handkerchiefs. You’d like to get him...

The Bleeding Edge: A Cardo Packtalk Edge Long Term Review

I’d buy Cardo again primarily because it’s survived everything I’ve thrown at it. Rocks, sand, water, trees - the kind of malicious abuse I put my gear through makes for a very narrow band of survivors, and the Packtalk Edge is one of them.