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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Graces SM Mall of Asia With Aquaman Tunnel Experience and IMAX Preview Screening

The King of the Seven Seas returns to the big screen just as the holiday season arrives!

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is finally in theaters – and continues the journey of Jason Momoa’s superhero role as he juggles his responsibilities as king, superhero, and being a dad to a newborn son he shares with his wife Mera. However, an old enemy resurfaces in the form of Black Manta – who discovers a hidden secret that gives him the power to exact vengeance on Aquaman while also spelling doom for the world as we know it.

Last December 19 at the SM Mall of Asia, Warner Bros. Philippines and SM Cinema joined forces to present something special in honor of the new film’s release by launching the “Aquaman Tunnel Experience” – an exhibit that draws inspiration from the movie by allowing mallgoers to go inside an aquarium like tube filled with images and content based on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

From iconic visuals of Aquaman, Orm, Black Manta, and the Kingdom of Atlantis to the numerous clips and trailers that played inside the exhibit, fans were treated to an aquatic experience that helped promote the sequel and immerse them with the hype and excitement that comes with it.

Following the Tunnel Experience launch, guests and media were soon directed to the IMAX cinema to watch a special preview screening of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” – which also acts as the final film under Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC Extended Universe that first began with 2013’s “Man of Steel”. With actual trident props on display as well as wonderful cosplays of Aquaman, Mera, and Black Manta present, the audience was hyped to see the next installment in Jason Wan’s treatment of the DC superhero and his world, but also being mindful that this would be the final DCEU movie before James Gunn and DC Studios relaunch everything with “Superman Legacy” in 2025.

Picking up right where the 2018 film left off, Arthur Curry is now King of Atlantis and continues being a superhero – but now has to contend with being a father and husband while dealing with the struggles his new reign brings. Unfortunately for him, David Kain aka Black Manta survived their last battle and finds a mysterious black trident that gives him the power he needs to battle Aquaman – but at the cost of releasing an evil that has been locked away for centuries. With the world in peril, Arthur’s only choice to save everything he loves is to team-up with his half-brother Orm and put a stop to Manta’s plans once and for all.

Overall, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a fitting end to the DCEU as we know it. Those who enjoyed the first film will find themselves right at home with this sequel, and Jason Momoa manages to carry it along with some very much entertaining sibling rivalry and brotherly love between his Aquaman and Patrick Wilson’s Orm. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II also steals the show and powers back in as Black Manta – showing the villain is tougher than ever and is more than a match for Aquaman this time around. It’s a perfect no brainer superhero film for the holiday season, and should entertain the family enough to look forward to new beginnings as we close off the year 2023.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is now playing in theaters nationwide.