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Disney Cruise Adventure to set sail in 2025

The first thing that comes to mind when going to a Disney family experience are the theme parks. If you’re in the Asia-Pacific region, that means a trip to Disneyland in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.  

Soon, there will be another option. In a virtual media update held last week, Sharon Siskie, the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Disney Cruise Line revealed that they are bringing the Disney Cruise Line to Asia for the very first time. Along with the Disney experience, the cruise will also include Pixar and Marvel experiences. 

For the Disney cruise, the journey itself is the main attraction with seven themed areas to enjoy and explore throughout the cruise aboard the Disney Adventure cruise ship. The first attraction is the Disney Imagination Garden which covers over 100 years of Disney storytelling from Mowgli to Moana. The Disney Discovery Reef is an aquatic and ocean- themed area populated by characters from “Finding Nemo,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Luca,” and “Lilo & Stitch.” San Fransokyo Street will be familiar to fans of Baymax and other characters from “Big Hero 6.” Wayfinder Bay is a poolside open-air oasis that evokes a Pacific Islands theme from movies such as “Moana.” Town Square is the fairytale land populated by the Disney royalty from “Tangled,”, “Frozen,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” “Cinderella,” and more. Those looking for Buzz, Woody and company will find them at Toy Story Place. Superhero fans of Spider-Man and the other Avengers will find their heroes at Marvel Landing

The Disney Adventure map shows seven uniquely themed areas, each teeming with dozens of incredible characters and unforgettable experiences. ©Disney

The Disney Cruise Adventure is designed for families and people of all ages such as kids, tweens, teens, and adults. This includes indoor and outdoor activities, world-class entertainment, musical stage shows, signature events, game shows, first-run movies, premium dining, lounge, spa experience, and more.

For those aboard the dream vacation, staterooms with the signature Disney touches and convenience features such as the splitbath concept will be available. There will also be concierge accommodations for those looking for the ultimate luxury cruise experience which includes access to exclusive areas and amenities such as a private indoor lounge, premium shopping venues, and dedicated spa and fitness facilities.

Group shot with Disney’s beloved characters (Daryl Goh, photographer)

Starting in 2025, the Disney Adventure will sail from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore for three and four-night cruises. The Disney Adventure cruise ship has an estimated capacity of 6,700 people with 2,500 crew members. The final date for the maiden voyage and the full list of experiences will be announced at a later date.