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Tech to Make Biking Safer and More Enjoyable

Biking used to be one of the most analog and old-school ways of getting from Point A to Point B – get on your bike, use your strength to pedal your way, and you’ll find yourself moving. But with the advancement of tech over the years, it was inevitable that some of that will find its way to your favorite two-wheeled mode of transportation. But don’t worry – a lot of the latest devices aren’t just tech toys for the sake of having tech on your bike. Some of them are thoughtfully designed to keep you safe on the road, and so you can ride more comfortably!

Staying Visible

Obviously this is where we should start – being visible on the road increases your chances of getting home safely, so most cyclists have some sort of light or reflector on their bikes. While USB-powered LED headlights and taillights are pretty much ubiquitous over the years, but we can take this up a notch. How about smart lights?

The Lumos Firefly light system lets you slap a bunch of lights on your bike and use an app on your phone to assign which lights go to the front and back. It also lets you sync how these lights flash! And for added safety, you can even set these up as turn signals so you can clearly communicate your intentions to that car behind you.

Another way to enhance your visibility on the road is trying out smart helmets with built-in lights, and Lumos has one as well! The Lumos Ultra can sync with the Lumos Firefly lights, and it also features turn signals to enhance your visibility and safety on the road.

Some bike lights even offer additional safety features – the Garmin Varia RTL515 tail light uses radar to detect if there’s a vehicle nearby and it immediately lets you know about dangers on your compatible Garmin bike computer’s display!

Track Your Rides and Navigate

Do you strap your phone on your handlebar so you can navigate and also keep track of your Strava stats? I know bike computers have been around for ages, but a lot of high-end features have been trickling down to the lower end that spending a ton of money for a Garmin might not make sense if you only take the occasional long ride.

If you want something that can get you started, the Cycplus M2 is such an unbeatable value – costing less than two thousand pesos, syncs with Strava, and can connect to heart rate monitors and other sensors. While it’s pretty rudimentary with its data presentation and navigating it can be a little annoying, if all you need are the basics, the Cycplus M2’s got you covered.

If you want turn-by-turn navigation, the Magene C606 might be for you. While it’s an entry-level bike GPS as far as specs and price goes, it offers navigation that’s decent enough that you might not need to pull out your phone when you’re lost in a sketchy street. There’s also the Beeline Velo 2, which is more focused on navigation than other cycling computers. 

So depending on what you’re looking for, there’s always gear that can make your bike rides more pleasant and safe, and that means you get to focus more on hitting your next PR! Ride safe, everyone!