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Tech meets Taste: The Le Petit Chef Experience

Truth be told, I’m not a foodie. I am not the best person to bring on a food trip.

I’m picky with food and I eat like a bird.

People call me weird because I eat siomai without dipping in chili sauce and sashimi in soy sauce.


As a non-foodie, “Le Petit Chef” was one food-related undertaking I was pretty excited to experience because of how it combined food and technology.

(And you all know how much I love my tech.)

So what is Le Petit Chef?

Le Petit Chef is an immersive culinary experience that uses a technology called 3D Projection Mapping.

Basically, your table and everything on it, like your plates and utensils, gets scanned and then images are projected onto the table. Add in some music, props, an exquisite menu and the result is an interactive gastronomic experience you won’t forget.

The Le Petit Chef Experience is available in more than 66 locations worldwide and each location offers a different menu and a different story.

As we are in Manila, we enjoyed the Le Petit Chef Manila experience that takes you on Marco Polo’s spice travels.

It’s a 6-course degustation meal that “begins” in France.

Chaudière De Poisson – French Seafood Soup | clams | mussels | salmon | smoked haddock

It then takes you to Arabia.

Chargrilled CAB Prime Beef Tenderloin | ras el hanout | dukkah | homemade hummus | fattoush salad | sumac | pide

Then India.

Butter King Prawn | tomato gravy | saffron rice | samosa chaat | tamarind chutney and mint chutney | papadum

A little stop-over at Nepal.

Sorbet | lemon | lime | mint

Then to China.

Braised Sea Bass | 10 head abalone | ginger | garlic | black bean sauce

And then all the way back to France.

Yougurt Honey Panna Cotta | mango | lime | tonka bean | shortbread biscuit

So how did the food taste?

Well, I’ll leave that as a surprise, but as it involved Marco Polo’s search for spices, expect a very flavorful experience!

(So flavorful, my bland-loving taste buds almost died.)

While it may be too late for a Valentine’s date idea, you can always go on a post-Valentine’s date, or just for any special occasion for that matter!

Le Petit Chef is not just for couples, too. You can bring the whole family as they also offer a kid’s menu for your children (12 yrs old and below) who may be picky eaters.

For more information and booking, head on over to Le Petit Chef at Grand Hyatt Manila.


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