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‘Songs About My Cat’ is an album where streaming revenue is donated to animal welfare orgs

In a world where the constraints of remote work became the norm, Jini Loves Jacko, a band of music producers, artists, and musicians who are all pet lovers, embraced the challenge and turned it into an opportunity to create something extraordinary. 

That “extraordinary” is the album Songs About My Cat, a collection of nine songs that began as a personal collection but transformed into a serious project with high-quality tracks. Combining the creativity between carefully selected artists–seasoned singers like Thyro Alfaro, Top Suzara of Freestyle, Aliya Parcs, Kevin Yadao, Kevin Daos / Denova, I-Dren Artstrong and young blood like Isabel Torres, Philip Hitt, and Melody Keezy–Jini Loves Jacko ensured a genuine and heartfelt collaboration that resonated through the album.

With a lineup like that, the work-from-home production process didn’t demand groundbreaking technology. Utilizing familiar tools like Viber and email for file sharing, the band found that the key to success lay in the sheer talent and individual recording setups of the artists. “The remote work necessity allowed each to infuse their unique style into the music,” says Jini Loves Jacko. With the liberty to tweak around 10 to 15% of each song, the tracks evolved beyond expectations, resulting in a cohesive sound that resembled a band recording together, blending indie rock, 90s R&B, jazz and reggae.

Some of the artists:

Revenue from album streams on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music will benefit CARA Welfare Philippines and PAWSsion Project Philippines:

Moreover, treating session musicians as co-producers and encouraging each other to push their limits became crucial in overcoming the hurdles of remote production. “For each song, we carefully selected individuals whose style and essence matched the track perfectly, with no casting choices being compromises,” explains Jini Loves Jacko. “Coincidentally, the artists who resonated most with the songs, and the project overall, also shared deep, personal connections with their own pets.” Some artists went beyond performing, actively contributing to the songwriting process, showcasing the depth of collective creativity.

It’s the talents that turned the songs into something really special. According to Jini Loves Jacko, “You made the album not just a bunch of tracks, but a story we all told together. Salamat sobra.” In this age where physical distances may grow, the connectivity of music and of love for animals serve as a bridge that unites artists. Songs About My Cat proves that in the realm of creativity, technology, talent, and tenderness together can produce magic.

The cats:

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