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Health, Wellness, Fatherhood: How Fabio Ide stays on top of his well-being with Tech

Actor Fabio Ide is wearing many hats these days. Apart from acting and running a restaurant, he has now welcomed sleepless nights at home, taking care of his newborn twin girls.

“Especially now that my girlfriend just gave birth, the schedule at home is pretty tough and pretty hectic. Aside from that, I’m also an entrepreneur so I’ve been very busy with meetings, tapings, and at home, taking care of the babies, and that being said, it’s really hard to find time for us to go to the hospital for a proper check-up,” the father of three told PhilSTAR Tech.

“Sometimes, I’m a little sick; Sometimes, I’m a little stressed. I just don’t know what to do. I feel a little hopeless on what to do.”

This is why he was glad to learn that digital services provider PLDT Home is now offering its subscribers a complimentary package on the all-in-one health and wellness app mWell to help monitor overall health goals and assist in health emergencies including a free ambulance ride.

He joined an indoor cycling session on Family Health History Day that included other busy professionals who might be forgetting checking on their health records and acting on them.

“Now, there’s no excuse, you just download the app, all the consultations are free, you can do it anytime, anywhere, from their doorstep. I think it’s time for us to be healthy, it’s time for us to take care of our health, not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones,” Ide shared.

He added that while he uses the app on his smartwatch to to monitor his heartbeat, daily steps, and burned calories, his girlfriend uses it to keep track of her wellness. “My girlfriend uses it for her mental health, so her shoes are different from my shoes so we use mWell in different ways,” he added.

Each subscriber under PLDT Home Fiber 1699 and up is entitled an mWell health pass until Feb. 24, 2024. This includes an online doctor consultation (ConsultNow or ConsultLater); availment of an e-prescription, medical certificate, and e-lab; diet-related features like various fitness and nutrition programs and a library of healthy recipes; and the mWell Score, the app’s overall health and wellness tracker.

The mWell health pass also entitles PLDT Home customers to one ambulance ride by Lifeline, which can be used for an emergency anytime and anywhere, through the app.

“With mWell and other technologies coming out, I think it’s really a big push for us, athletes to just make ourselves stronger and keep pushing ourselves to do better,” said Ide.

“Embracing both physical and mental well-being is key to a happy life. But it is not enough to focus solely on our personal health and fitness; we must also be mindful of the state of our family’s health,” emphasized Evert Chris Miranda, Vice President and Head of Home Digital Services at PLDT. “At PLDT Home, we recognize the paramount importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle within Filipino families. That is why we partnered with revolutionary health app mWell to spearhead the advocacy for proactive healthcare.”

“Complimentary to our customers, the mWell free health pass packs a lot of benefits and features to manage and oversee your family’s overall health and wellness. From fitness and nutrition to physical and mind health, you have the tools to help you monitor and take action — all from the comfort of your home. This partnership between PLDT Home and mWell is an opportunity you don’t want to miss,” he added.

Right on Family Health History Day, PLDT Home and mWell gathered health and lifestyle media, bloggers, and fitness influencers like Fabio Ide for an indoor cycling session at Electric Studio, Forbes Town Center, BGC, Taguig City to remind them about checking one’s health records and acting on it. Photos from PLDT Home.

The digital services company also quoted an alarming recent study by research institute Capstone-Intel Corp., that found that only 40% of Filipinos go to the doctor to get checked regularly, and 33% only do so when they fall ill.

This rate doesn’t bode well for many people’s health, especially with conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and the like common to Filipinos, the internet provider said.

Now a father of three, model and entrepreneur Fabio Ide relies on health app mWell for his family’s consultations and holistic health. Photo from PLDT Home.

“This is why I love the fact that mWell was able to put up an app that integrates technology with wellness, fitness, and nutrition, all in one. So now I don’t have an excuse anymore to not do a check-up,” Ide stressed.