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You can preorder the HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 for P6,499; comes with freebies

The preorder comes with a HUAWEI Gift box worth P1,999 and HUAWEI FreeBuds SE2 worth P1,599.

It’s rather insane that with the freebies, the upcoming HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 is roughly now the same price as the famed HUAWEI GT4, a watch that I have raved about in a previous review. It’s so good, I actually got one for myself (the green strap).

HUAWEI wearables are top of class and I’ve been a fan of the GT series, especially the latest iteration that came out last year. The Fit 3 is in a way, the little sibling: it’s more affordable by almost half the price (The GT4 has since had a price drop in the Philippines by around P4,000) and it sports a square bezel design versus the GT4’s round bezel.

The Watch Fit 3 smells of youth and the outdoors. It comes in 5 colors, which really allude to the straps of green, white, pink, and black fluoroelastometer. This is the same material used to make o-rings for camera housings and underwater gear, which makes it very tough under pressure. There is a fifth design in gray, but it comes with a nylon strap. The four fluoroelastometer straps are hot-swappable with a push of a button behind the watch where the sensors are located so you can mix and match straps depending on how you feel. Without the straps, the watch itself weighs roughly 26 grams which is really nothing. There’s a fun accent to the crown of the one I am wearing as it is red. Other models vary in crown color so it really boils down to a fashion choice.

The Watch Fit 3 is packed with sensors – accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, heart rate, and ambient light. It can track your sleep, heart rate, Sp02, pulse wave arrhythmia, and your exercises. For workouts, it syncs well with Strava through the HUAWEI Health app which you can download via AppGallery. Syncing is pretty straightforward, with the watch asking you to scan a QR code. I currently keep this watch and my GT4 synced up. So yes, that being said, I’ve synced up my HUAWEI wearables with other phone brands quite easily. Yes, it also is iOS compatible.

HUAWEI Health makes use of “health clovers” to help you keep track of your daily activities. Moving, standing, exercise, sleep, and stress levels all contribute to this.

On AppGallery, the Watch Fit 3 has its own section for downloadable watch faces. I’m really having fun with some of these, like the animated fox face that pops up when I look at the watch.

In terms of battery life, I was able to get more than a week’s worth of juice with regular use. I would say that the biggest drainers for battery would be a continuous Bluetooth connection, which drains you by about 10% in one day – that’s still pretty good! Oh, and if you own a HUAWEI Band, they have the same charger!

Speaking of Strava, HUAWEI Health automatically records my bike rides with GPS location and auto-synchronizes it from the Health app to Strava. I noticed though that activities that do not require GPS such as treadmill walking and stationary rowing do not sync automatically with the popular fitness app. This seems to be the case with a number of watch apps, including Xiaomi Health. It really isn’t a dealbreaker — just the nature of the beast. That means if you’re trying to record a stationary workout with Strava, you may need to manually record it. No biggie.

Here’s an example of a ride I synchronized using the HUAWEI Health app.

So is the WATCH Fit 3 for you? If you’re looking for an affordable and stylish fitness tracker with a square form factor, look no further. HUAWEI makes some of the most gorgeous smart watches and health tracking apps today. If you decide to commit to the HUAWEI Health ecosystem, you can’t go wrong!

You can preorder the HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 from the following official channels:

HUAWEI’s official website: 

HUAWEI Online Store: