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Setting the tone in tech news

The Philippine STAR’s newest section covers all things tech in a unique, fun way.

As someone who has dabbled in the tech industry for roughly two decades, I’ve seen how technology has evolved from clunky and quirky gadgets (remember the Nokia lipstick phone?) to a more mainstream and sterilized environment (all phones have one form factor).

I’ve been around long enough to see how brands have shifted focus from tapping hardcore tech journalists to working with influencers and experience zones during events. It is what it is, as they say.

Having seen industry players come and go, I’ve come to the brazen conclusion that at the end of the day, technology journalism isn’t writing about new screen sizes or battery life or powerful processors. Today, with tech being such a commodity, the focus has shifted to curating the best experiences to help consumers navigate their way to their next purchase. It’s all about putting into context simple questions like “What is the best internet provider?” or “Do I really need a flip phone?”

And as the times change—the questions get a little more complicated. “How can I tell if I’m being scammed online?” “Can I use AI for my school project?” “Is my online bank account really safe from hacking?”

The answers to these questions aren’t set in stone because tech evolves faster than countermeasures. And I guess that is where we come in, as journalists, curating experts and their experiences—a hive mind of credibility to help navigate this blue ocean of technology.

In this maiden issue, PhilSTAR Tech, the technology section of The Philippine STAR, we set the tone for these experiences. We talk about foldable screens from Samsung’s latest Z line to realme’s new 11 pro 5G flagship device. We delve into the generational divide of professional correspondence through social media and actual experiences with setting up Starlink’s satellite internet.

Today is the first step of many and we hope you can join us as we cover the technology industry in our unique and fun way.

As they say, LFG!