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Unveiling the Truth: TikTok’s Real Deal, Myths vs Facts

Enough is enough! It’s time to find out the TRUTH on what’s real and what’s not when it comes to all the rumors regarding TikTok allegedly spying on its users and stealing their data.

Grab a seat and let’s set the record straight on what’s really going down.

Myths vs Facts, FIGHT!

Myth: TikTok’s Chinese Ownership
Reality Check: ByteDance might have been born in China, but guess what? Over 60% of it now belongs to global investors. Talk about a worldwide affair!

Myth: TikTok and ByteDance Headquarter is in China
Reality Check: Sorry to burst your bubble but TikTok’s calling shots from LA and Singapore, not the streets of Beijing. They’re all about keeping it diverse and in tune with different markets.

Myth: Chinese Government Control in Boardrooms
Reality Check: ByteDance’s boardroom does NOT have any government spies at all! It’s a mix of global brains, keeping things unbiased.

ByteDance’s board of directors is comprised of five individuals, none of whom is a part of any government or state entity. The board includes:
* Rubo Liang, ByteDance Chairman and CEO (Singapore-based)
* Neil Shen, Sequoia (Hong Kong-based)
* Arthur Dantchik, Susquehanna International Group (U.S.-based)
* Bill Ford, General Atlantic (U.S.-based)
* Philippe Laffont, Coatue Management (U.S.-based)

Myth: Beijing controls TikTok’s every decision
Reality Check: TikTok’s CEO, Shou Chew, is based in Singapore! The top brass isn’t sipping tea in China; they’re making the moves from all over the map. TikTok’s senior leadership team is actually based in Singapore, the United States and Ireland.

Myth: TikTok plays political games, manipulating the content in China’s favor
Reality Check: TikTok’s content is all about the community vibe! No strings attached to any government – they even let you spill the tea on China!

Myth: Chinese Censorship on TikTok
Reality Check: There is no moderation team in China! TikTok’s US and Ireland teams are the guardians, keeping things fair and square.

Myth: TikTok’s Mysterious Data Gathering Protocol
Reality Check: TikTok’s data gathering protocol is pretty much in line with industry standards. They follow the rules, with iron-clad security measures. Your deets are safe and sound.

Myth: Philippine data is stored in China
Reality Check: Philippine data is chilling in Singapore, Malaysia, and the US – no China access there! They have serious bouncers guarding that info.

Myth: TikTok’s Data Collection Spree
Reality Check: TikTok is collecting an average, normal amount of data. They collect what they need, sticking to their privacy policy.

So there!

Whew, that’s a lot of debunking done! Hope that clears up a lot of the questions and puts everyone’s mind at ease, even for a little bit.

HOWEVER, we can’t deny that there has been news of TikTok employees being caught accessing journalists’ data. While those employees have already been let go, it would still be prudent for us, as users, to be careful on what we share online. Time Magazine says it best, asking if TikTok security concerns hold water. “It’s impossible to say with certainty, because they are predictions about the future. But as well as there being little evidence (publicly available, at least,) that TikTok has engaged in narrative control on behalf of the CCP, there is also no evidence to show that TikTok has a clandestine connection to the Chinese state. “

If you can’t risk any data or information about you being accessed illegally, then don’t share it online and make sure that it is stored encrypted or password-protected on your devices.

Be very strict about your privacy settings and everything should be a-ok!

At the end of the day, we have control on what we install and use on our devices. When in doubt, then don’t install that app!