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Get Ready to Battle: PlayPark and Neosonyx Bring Back Rakion Online in Southeast Asia!

Hey Gamer Titos and Titas!

We’ve got some EPIC news for you! PlayPark is teaming up with Neosonyx to bring back the legendary PC action RPG, Rakion Online. Remember those thrilling battles at iCafes? Well, it’s time to relive those glory days!

Whether you’re a veteran of the classic game or a newbie looking for some adrenaline-pumping fun, Rakion Online is here to deliver. No fuss, no frills—just pure, unadulterated action. Simply log in and jump straight into the fight!

After months of anticipation, PlayPark and Neosonyx finally shook hands and sealed the deal, ensuring that both old fans and a new generation of players can experience the magic of Rakion Online.

PlayPark, the top dog in online game publishing in Southeast Asia, is all set to revitalize Rakion Online. “We are honored to work with Neosonyx on Rakion Online,” stated Quach Dong Quang, CEO of PlayPark. “For every gamer who has missed this classic game, our message is clear: Rakion is back!”

The relaunch promises non-stop action from the moment you download the game. Everything you loved about the original—those epic PvP battles and diverse multiplayer modes—are making a comeback, now optimized for modern PCs. And guess what? There’ll be tons of community events, a nationwide Rakion Returns Tour, and loads of giveaways and rewards.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for updates on the Rakion Online website and stay tuned for more news. Don’t forget to follow the official Facebook page to keep up with all the latest buzz.

Get ready to reignite the fires of battle—Rakion is back and it’s better than ever!