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Blackmagic App Now on Google Pixel 7 and select Samsung Devices

Hey, mobile photography enthusiasts! Guess what?

You now have a reason to celebrate as Blackmagic Design launches its highly anticipated Blackmagic app for Google Pixel 7 and a variety of Samsung Android devices. This release extends professional-grade video editing capabilities to more smartphone users, making high-quality video production more accessible than ever.

Key Features of the Blackmagic App

Professional Color Grading – The app offers a full suite of color correction tools, enabling users to make detailed adjustments and enhance their visual storytelling.

Advanced Video Editing – With a timeline editor, multi-cam editing, and support for high-resolution formats, the app is versatile enough for complex video projects.

User-Friendly Interface – Designed for ease of use, the app ensures that both beginners and professionals can quickly learn and navigate its extensive features.

Seamless Integration – Optimized for the hardware of Pixel 7 and Samsung devices, the app guarantees smooth performance and high-quality output.

Compatibility and Availability

Available now on the Google Play Store, the Blackmagic app supports the latest Google Pixel 7 and a range of Samsung models, including Galaxy S21 and above, and the Note series. This compatibility showcases Blackmagic Design’s dedication to making professional video editing tools available to a wider audience.

Revolutionizing Mobile Videography

The launch of the Blackmagic app on these popular Android devices is set to transform mobile videography. By offering powerful editing tools previously limited to desktop applications, Blackmagic Design empowers content creators to produce high-quality videos directly from their smartphones.

With the Blackmagic app now available on Google Pixel 7 and Samsung Android models, mobile videography has never been easier or more versatile. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an enthusiastic hobbyist, this app is a game-changer for your creative projects.

For more information and to download the app, visit the Google Play Store today!