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Epson PH confident to reach 2050 carbon-free

The president of Japanese printer manufacturer Epson in the Philippines expressed optimism that the goal of totally removing carbon emission from their products and operations by 2050 will be attained within 26 years.

Masako Kusama, Epson PH’s president, told PhilStar Tech that their current efforts to be more environmentally sustainable are giving them confidence to “hit” their target.

In early 2021, the company announced that its 100 billion yen investment in decarbonization for the next 10 years will be used in research & development, renewable energy, and recycling.

Kusama reported that the company recently started the construction of its first biomass power plant in Iida City in Japan with the hope to have the plant in operation by 2026.

Moreover, Kusama said that Epson has already been using geothermal energy in its manufacturing plant in Batangas in their switch to 100% renewable energy. The Batangas plant is one of its largest manufacturing facilities in the world.

The president also said that the company’s shift to making its products more sustainable  is one of its way to help encourage other to follow the same path it is in.

“So I really want to encourage everyone in Philippine society to think about, especially in the Philippines, how to make the damage on environment and less energy, less plastic also less waste by using Epson product.”

Kusama even noted that like-minded companies in the country have also shown their support to this initiative by deploying Epson products into their daily operations. 

Furthermore, the president shared that in every company there is a copier, but organization who have a “more sustainable conscious” mind have replaced the laser copiers with Epson’s heat-free inkjet printers.

“By using Epson inkjet technology copier, they can represent that they are sustainable company, she added.