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Adding to my Wishlist: MacBook Air M3, now available in select Power Mac Center and The Loop nationwide!

Hey everyone! If you’re looking to upgrade your laptop, you might want to check out the new MacBook Air M3, now available at select Power Mac Centers (PMC) and The Loop stores!

The new MacBook Air has the latest M3 chip and is perfect for everything from finishing up work projects to chilling with Netflix.

The launch had a whole vibe, wrapping up with a big celebration at the Apple Premium Partner store in Greenbelt 3 last May 5, 2024. They had amazing deals, including discounts on accessories and cool freebies if you bought a MacBook during the event.

Joey Alvarez, PMC Director for Marketing and Product Management shared that they went all out for the weekend, with live demos and deals on all the best accessories. 

“We dedicated the entire weekend to introduce the MacBook Air M3 at Greenbelt 3, with in-store demos and exclusive offers on premium accessories to complete the arsenal. There are plans to extend the tech training sessions throughout the year, so stay tuned to all our social media accounts and other announcements,” said Alvarez.

The new MacBook Air isn’t just for the tech-savvy. With its super-fast performance and up to 18 hours of battery life, it’s perfect for anyone from students to business owners. Plus, you can pick your size and color — from sleek Space Gray to classy Midnight.

PMC is also making it super easy to get your hands on one! 

You can own the MacBook Air M3 starting at P76,990, or spread the cost with installment plans (P3,207.92 in 24-month installments).

Missed the launch? No worries!

Power Mac Center and The Loop stores are running a raffle from May 6-12 where you can win everything from gift certificates to cool tech just by picking up a MacBook Air M3.

Prizes up for grabs include:

●        Power Mac Center Gift Certificates worth P30,000 (1 winner)

●        LaCie Rugged Mini USB 3.0 1TB worth P6,800 (1 winner)

●        Seagate One Touch Slim USB 3.0 1TB worth P4,190 (4 winners)

●        SanDisk iXpand Flip OTG Flash Drive Lightning + Type A 128GB worth P4,999 (10 winners)

So if you’re in the market for a new laptop, the MacBook Air M3 should definitely be on your radar. With all these features and deals, it’s a hard one to pass up!

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