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Achieve your life needs and goals easily with Maya Easy Credit & Personal Loan

Let’s face it, borrowing money from your usual banks can feel like navigating a never-ending maze, with challenges such as long lines, mountains of paperwork, and painfully slow approval processes. And don’t even get us started on those loan sharks lurking in the shadows with their high interest rates. The struggle is real!

But thankfully, Maya, the #1 Digital Bank in the Philippines, is here to give you a whole new way of being in control of your finances with its game-changing lending products – Maya Easy Credit and Personal Loan.

If you’re still wary about whether borrowing money is a good idea, fret not. As long as you borrow within your means and repay on time, these funds are meant to augment your budget – whether to manage financial stresses or attain those life upgrades sooner. With the help of Maya Easy Credit and Personal Loan, borrowing and repaying on time becomes effortless, not only improving your credit score but also expanding your financial opportunities for larger loans in the future.

Maya Easy Credit for Monthly Needs and Emergencies

Maya Easy Credit is your secret weapon for important and unexpected expenses. With a revolving credit line of up to ₱30,000 and a service fee as low as 3.99%, you’ll have instant access to extra budget whenever you need it. For extra convenience, you can also directly pay with Maya Credit during online checkout, in-store payment via QR or when buying load on Maya.

Soon, you can even use it to directly pay any bill! From covering your basic needs, handling emergencies to treating yourself to something nice, Maya Easy Credit has got you covered, no questions asked!

Pro tip: Pay within 30 days to refresh your limit instantly.

Maya Personal Loan for Big Life Moves  

With Maya Personal Loan, you now have an easy ticket to your big life moves! Whether you need a down payment for a motorcycle, cash for a shiny new gadget, or funds to kick-start your business, Maya offers up to P250,000 with an option to pay in up to 24 monthly installments at an add-on rate as low as .77% per month.

It’s still in early access, but to get in on the action, simply use Maya for your everyday transactions — whether you’re shopping, buying load, paying bills, or using Maya’s suite of financial products.

Easy application with lightning-fast approvals and disbursement  

With these two powerful products, paperwork nightmares and long approval processes are now a thing of the past. Applying for credit or a loan with Maya is as easy as chatting with a friend. No complex forms, no waiting in line!

Maya also provides instant feedback on your application, so you don’t need to feel anxious while waiting; your approval comes at lightning speed. Once your credit or loan is approved, you can get cash instantly in your Maya wallet.

Even Liza Soberano and Dolly De Leon show how mighty fast it is to get a loan when you get banked with Maya:   

Maya shakes up the banking scene with these groundbreaking products, offering an easy and quick way to borrow money when you need it most!

Both Maya Easy Credit and Personal Loan are subject to credit evaluation. To get in on the action, keep using Maya for your financial transactions.