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Contactpoint, Viettel ink pact for firearms simulation software and training

Contactpoint Inc. and Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation in Vietnam signed an agreement to supply the Philippine National Police (PNP) with Firearms Training Simulation Systems, developed by Viettel’s research and development team.

The formal signing was held on March 21, 2024 at City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City and was attended by corporate executives from Viettel High Tech led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nguyen Vu Ha and Contactpoint CEO Cesar J. Manuel.

Under the agreement, the Viettel High Tech will export the systems to the Philippines through ContactPoint.

Viettel is considered as the largest telecom business in Vietnam, and also engaged in producing critically needed weaponry, technical apparatus, and next-generation armaments.

By September this year, it is expected that all systems will be fully implemented and operational within the Philippine market.

Viettel’s system stands out for its foundational technological expertise and extensive customization capabilities, enabling tailored designs to specifically address the needs of the Philippine National Police.

This includes integrating completely new features designed to align with the customer’s training requirements.

Key enhancements include incorporating stun device equipment in the support system for three new types of firearms (Glock, Taurus, and M16 Rifle) and developing innovative shooting training software modules.

VIETTEL, CONTACTPOINT STRATEGIC TIES: Viettel, the biggest telecom business in Vietnam, sealed its strategic partnership agreement with Contactpoint Inc. during their signing ceremony held at City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City on March 21, 2024. Mr. Cesar J. Manuel (left), Contactpoint Inc. Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha, the CEO of Viettel, formally signed the business contract for their upcoming projects in the Philippines. Contactpoint, founded in 2009, has established a track record in supplying technical intelligence systems to various law enforcement units and private institutions in the Philippines.

“Viettel High Tech is dedicated to provide the Philippine market with the most cutting-edge and superior quality products. We are optimistic that this agreement will pave the way for extended collaboration. The Firearms Training Simulation System embodies years of rigorous research and significant investment in Viettel’s intellectual assets,” Viettel High Tech CEO Nguyen Vu Ha explained.

He also expressed confidence that their product will achieve effective outcomes by reducing risks in training, cutting down on training expenses, and improving the caliber of combat training.

“This contract marks Viettel’s inaugural venture into the Philippine market, heralding a significant milestone in our collaboration with Viettel. Before finalizing this agreement, we visited Vietnam to personally experience Viettel’s simulation system, and they exceeded our expectations,” Contactpoint CEO Cesar J. Manuel remarked.

Manuel also highlighted the competitive pricing of Viettel’s products relative to its international counterparts previously available in the Philippines, alongside its superior features.

The strategic partnership of Contactpoint and Viettel is the result of the recent state visit of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. in Vietnam inviting more companies to bring investments and open bright opportunities in the country.