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Singapore-based telecom company to build two digital education hubs in Rizal

EdgePoint, a telecommunications infrastructure company, is set to establish digital education hubs that will provide seamless internet connection in school in two municipalities in Rizal. 

Seeking to increase connectivity and digital literacy in underserved communities in the country, the company partnered with housing solutions provider Habitat for Humanity for this project. 

One hub will be built in Southville 88 National High School in Rodriguez, and another in Teresa National High School in Teresa.

The CEO and founder of EdgePoint Suresh Sidhu said in a press release that they wanted to accelerate digital literacy among children with the launching of this program, “Connectivity for Communities.”

Aside from the Philippines, the company has partnered with other local organizations across Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. 

“We will continue to partner with local organizations who are committed to creating brighter futures for all,” said Suresh Sidhu. 

EdgePoint is currently implementing the same project with Habitat for Humanity in Indonesia, which also  involves two schools as well.

As of writing, the company claims to have helped six schools and more than 5,000 students. For 2024, it aims to target 10 more schools in Southeast Asia.