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Social App Bluesky is Now Open to Public!

If you haven’t heard of Bluesky or Bluesky Social, it’s a microblogging social platform very similar to Twitter, or what we now call X.

Ironically, Bluesky was founded by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey so it’s not a surprise that Bluesky has the same feel of how Twitter used to be.

Bluesky quietly launched in October 2021 as an invite-only platform. But as of February 6, 2024, Bluesky is now open to public!

To sign up for Bluesky, you can head on over to and simply create an account. For mobile users, you can also download Bluesky on the App store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

PhilSTAR Tech is on Bluesky!

Once you’ve signed up for Bluesky, don’t forget to follow PhilSTAR Tech ( for the latest news on tech lifestyle.

See you all on Bluesky!