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GoTyme Bank partners with Keyrus for dynamic data visualization

At a glance

  • Tech-forward digital bank, GoTyme Bank, enlisted the expertise of Keyrus to enhance its data visualization and use of business intelligence (BI) tool, Tableau.
  • Keyrus, a trusted partner for building sustainable, high-performing data architectures, helped improve GoTyme’s dashboards by incorporating complex dynamic visualizations for improved efficiency, optimal security and faster decision-making.
  • As a high-tech bank with a human touch, GoTyme Bank seeks to set the bar for next-level banking characterized by continuing innovation.

With 90% of the information transmitted to the brain visually, data visualization is a powerful tool that boosts both communication and research—a formidable combination of technical analytics and storytelling in which data science meets design. From faster decision making, to finding trends and patterns, and strengthening communication among the team, organizations that leverage their data visualization stay ahead of the competition.

GoTyme Bank, a joint venture of Tyme, a multicountry digital banking group, with members of the Gokongwei group of companies, sought the renowned expertise of Keyrus, a global consultancy and technology company, in the use of Tableau to enhance its data visualization capabilities and sustain its competitive edge.

Keyrus is committed to give meaning to data by revealing its full scope, particularly frompeople-oriented perspectives. As a GoTyme partner, Keyrus helped design, develop and deploy the next generation of dashboards that would empower GoTyme to hone in more tightly on aspects such as data governance, collaboration, scalability, and security.

JC van Staden, head of data and analytics at GoTyme, says, “We wanted to explore the full potential of our leading BI tool and create interactive, engaging dashboards that could answer pressing business questions with visually appealing views and graphs to simplify core metrics for our business users.”

Improved intel & insight

Keyrus is famous for its robust expertise in Tableau data processing, analysis, and visualization. In this collaboration with GoTyme, it deployed seasoned consultants to aid in crafting new dashboards and configuring the server environment. They conducted a series of brown bag sessions, along with hands-on demonstrations, to train users on the diverse features of Tableau. The BI experts also played a pivotal role in crafting various intricate visualizations.

Keyrus has been working closely with GoTyme to drive innovation and build the foundation for solutions that empower long-term success.

Recognizing the importance of effective change and task management throughout the project, Keyrus recommended utilizing Confluence as a collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform.

As GoTyme’s change and task management system, Confluence plays a critical role in documenting dashboard-related tasks. This, in turn, facilitates collaboration among BI team members, allowing them to record change requests, plan, organize, communicate, and monitor the dashboard development process.

Craig Andrew, Keyrus head of BI and Analytics, says, “Digital banks compete with traditional banks, and as such must that cater to consumers seeking world-class banking products. They must prioritize creating the best customer experience while ensuring top-notch performance and security.”

Valuable partnership

GoTyme Bank today enjoys highly effective dashboards that ensure optimal performance, security, and informed decision making. GoTyme creates its own intricate visualizations using Tableau, including informative radar charts. These multidimensional graphs illustrate various metrics crucial to the bank, such as detailed customer information, retail store performance, and regional data. This capability enables targeted marketing strategies and campaigns to be run.

End-users at GoTyme Bank can independently generate their reports, posing questions to the data in simple terms, eliminating the need to continually request assistance from the BI team.

Moreover, GoTyme can now effortlessly track revenue, expenditures, and overall profitability, on top of streamlining communication with investors by automatically sending visually appealing reports in PDF format.