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Fast Pair, Chromecast, smart home compatibility: Google unveils exciting Android features at CES 2024 

Millions of Android users around the world are set to enjoy an even better experience from mobile to the home as Google announces significant updates designed to enhance user experience and connectivity at this year’s CES. Focusing more seamless device interactions, these updates build upon the improvements introduced last year. 

Here are the big updates that are coming to Android: 

  • Quick Share Revolutionizes File Sharing: Google, in collaboration with Samsung, introduces Quick Share, a unified cross-Android solution for peer-to-peer content sharing across a variety of devices in the Android and Chromebook ecosystems. This collaboration integrates the best features of Nearby Share and Samsung’s Quick Share, establishing it as the default built-in option for sharing files. Quick Share will soon be pre-installed on Windows PCs from leading manufacturers, expanding its reach across devices. 
  • Fast Pair Support Expands to Chromecast with Google TV: Fast Pair, designed for quick and hassle-free Bluetooth accessory pairing, is expanding to Chromecast with Google TV and will extend to more Google TV devices later this year. With just a tap, users can connect compatible headphones or speakers, providing an enhanced audio experience while watching their favorite movies and shows. Fast Pair has already facilitated over 660 million pairings to date. 
  • Casting Capabilities Extend To More Devices: Chromecast continues to evolve with better casting capabilities. More devices, such as the 2024 LG TV series, will launch with Chromecast built in, and later this year, LG Hospitality and Healthcare will also support this feature. Google TV devices now boast over 220 million monthly active users. 
  • Greater Interoperability with Matter: Google emphasizes interoperability with the Matter standard, working towards making smart devices from various companies seamlessly compatible. LG TVs and select Google TV and Android TV OS devices will act as hubs for Google Home, simplifying the integration of Matter devices into home networks. 
  • Android Auto Upgrades for Electric Vehicles: Android Auto introduces updates for new and upcoming electric vehicles. Electric vehicles compatible with Android Auto can now share real-time battery information with Google Maps, providing users with estimated battery levels upon arrival, suggesting charging stops, and estimating charging time based on the vehicle. 
  • Google Services Expand to More Cars: Top car brands will soon feature Google built in, integrating popular apps like Google Maps and Google Assistant directly into the car’s display. Users can send planned trips from their phones to Google Maps on their car display and enjoy new apps on Google Play optimized for in-car use. 

These updates will automatically roll out on all compatible Android devices soon, so people need only wait for them to enjoy a better digital lifestyle powered by Google.