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Sing into the New Year with the CHERRY Wireless Karaoke line up!

We’ve got 24 hours to go before the 2024 New Year! Now may be the perfect time to pick up one of CHERRY’s wireless karaoke devices for as low as P1,200! Finally, you can duet your favorite Pinoy New Year hits such as ‘Till My Heartaches End’ by Ella Mae Saison or ‘You Won’t See Me Crying’ by Passage. Mind the neighborly noise pollution!

CHERRY takes it one step further for every generation to bond over music and create new memories with the CHERRY Karaoke product line-up. It’s easy to use with a matchless audio quality for the ultimate sing along experience. Choose from CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Rhythm, CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Dynamic, CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Deluxe, CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Mini, CHERRY Karaoke Duet Medley, and CHERRY Karaoke Duet Go.

Melodies and Memories with CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Dynamic and CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Rhythm

Music has the power to unite people, and karaoke has always been a part of Filipino culture. The CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Dynamic and CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Rhythm can surely get the crowd to sing and dance along to their favorite tunes. Liven up the mood by its power amplifier and two wireless microphone accessories. Its TWS function can connect with the same device to reproduce audio with high sound quality. So, worry not about planning or setting up an entertainment system because it is designed for outdoor parties with 4000mAh battery capacity.

Get your CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Dynamic for P10,360 and CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Rhythm for P7,450 to let the music create memorable experiences with your family.

Unleash Your Inner Star Anytime, Anywhere with CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Deluxe

Gatherings is not just about having food and drinks; it’s about spending quality time. The CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Deluxe adds a fun element to the party, allowing guests to let loose and enjoy their time. It is also equipped with power amplifier two (2) type C USB Microphone, LED lights and phone stand. Moreover, it is ideal for outdoor parties and you can bring it to a park or host a singing competition on the beach.

Enjoy this all-rounder features of portable entertainment, grab your CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Deluxe for P3,250.

Sleek and User-Friendly Designs: CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Mini, CHERRY Karaoke Duet Go, and CHERRY Karaoke Duet Medley

Break the ice and keep the fun going all day long. You can easily bring CHERRY Wireless Karaoke Mini for P2,500, CHERRY Karaoke Duet Go for P1,490, and CHERRY Karaoke Duet Medley for P1,200 to create an instant party vibe. No more waiting for the next big family event to get your karaoke fix. These portable CHERRY Karaoke has a loud and clear speaker with two (2) microphone accessory. It has V5.0 Bluetooth connection, TF card and AUX input, allowing the users to play their favorite songs from personal devices.

Jam to the latest pop hit or belt out classic OPM tunes with the CHERRY Karaoke Line-up.

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