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Coca-Cola’s Festive Fusion: AI, Creativity, and Holiday Magic!

Ho, ho, ho, everybody!

It’s the time of the year again when Coca-Cola is cooking up something awesome! This year they’re stirring up some digital holiday cheer! They’re uncapping creativity by harnessing the magic of AI to sprinkle some holiday sparkle across the globe.

Imagine this: Santa Claus illustrations from the roaring ’30s by Haddon Sundblom and those cuddly, iconic Coca-Cola polar bears from the ’90s are no longer stuck in the past. Thanks to Coca-Cola’s generosity, these festive symbols are being handed over to you, me, and everyone with a creative itch and an internet connection!

Pratik Thakar, Coca-Cola’s Global Head of Generative AI, wants this season to be more than just merry-making. He’s all about using AI to create a positive space for your wildest creative dreams. And hey, who knew that mixing AI with the Coca-Cola brand could conjure up a global winter wonderland of connection and creativity, right?

“We, at Coca-Cola, are connecting the dots between culture, creativity and technology. The Create Real Magic platform invites consumers to use AI for crafting artwork using iconic creative elements from the Coca-Cola archives. #CreateRealMagic cards are a perfect way for us to celebrate people and the holidays using AI. We are humble but iconic, real yet magical and this latest campaign is a testament of the same.”

Create Real Magic platform is the love child of GPT-4 and DALL-E. The combination of these digital wizardries will allow you to reimagine those timeless Coca-Cola treasures and share them with your family and friends across oceans and time zones.

“AI presents a unique opportunity to connect with the changing world of digital innovation and, by playing to a cultural moment like the holidays, we can find new, innovative ways for our audience to engage and connect, and to continue to learn in this space,” said Selman Careaga, President, Global Coca-Cola Category.

UK Creative Director Paul Parsons, also known as, is diving deep into the wonders of Create Real Magic. In his words, “I’m all about using design to entertain and inform, and AI has opened up endless possibilities that allow me to do both. Having access to some of the most recognized holiday iconography and being able to put my own spin on it, with no limits, has been amazing. I can’t wait to share my take of the Coca-Cola holiday card.”

YOU! Yes, you! Reading this!

Grab yourself some cans of Coca-Cola and whip out your laptop because you’re invited to!

Craft your own masterpiece and spread the festive vibes with friends and family. And guess what? Coca-Cola might just flash your creative genius on billboards in New York’s Times Square or London’s Piccadilly Circus. Talk about being a holiday celeb!

But wait, there’s more!

This isn’t just about digital cards and pixel-perfect images. Coca-Cola’s global festive campaign is taking over the world with kindness and goodwill. With over 80 markets in the mix, they’re decking the halls with TV ads, live experiences like the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan tour, local charity partnerships, upcoming Christmas short films and more!

It’s not every day that you get to mix holiday spirit with cutting-edge tech and a dash of Coca-Cola magic. So, join in, craft your holiday masterpiece, and let’s toast to spreading kindness and cheer across the globe, one AI-generated Coca-Cola card at a time!


So, here’s to Coca-Cola, the Santa’s little helper of the digital age, bringing generations together and creating a global canvas for holiday magic!