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Recent study finds only 17% of companies in PH are AI-ready

A global study on the artificial intelligence (AI) readiness of companies worldwide found that 27 out of 161  organizations in the Philippines are fully-prepared to deploy and leverage AI-powered technologies in every aspect of their businesses.

The Cisco AI Readiness Index asessed respondents’ readiness through its six pillars: strategy, infrastructure, data, talent, governance, and culture—which are then used to categorize a country in four levels of preparedness. 

Based on the results, 17% of the country’s companies are categorized as Pacesetters (fully-prepared), 44% are Chasers (moderately-prepared), 35% are Followers (limited preparedness), and 4% are Laggards (unprepared). 

The study found that most of the companies’ infrastructures have limited scalability or none at all in addressing new AI challenges with their IT infrastructures (49%).

Organizations also report not having “comprehensive” AI policies in place, which are deemed to be important to maintain their employees’ and clients’ trust.

However, the survey also found that the companies are already taking a proactive stance in gearing toward their AI-ready future, with 94% of them saying that there are already “robust” AI strategies in place.

This coincided with the result that majority of the respondents (98%) already see the increased urgency to use AI in their organization, with IT infrastructure and cybersecurity as the top priority areas for deployment.

The companies also feel that they only a maximum of one year to apply this before the absence of AI negatively impacts their businesses, garnering 61% of the respondents.

Cisco Philippines’ managing director Zaza Soriano-Nicart encouraged the companies in the country to assess where investments are needed across the “pillars of readiness” to deliver better business outcomes.

“They also have to pay attention to how AI is being used to ensure a good return on investment, with security, and responsibility in mind,” said the managing director.

The Cisco AI Readiness Index, which conducted a blind-survey of 8,161 private companies and IT leaders in 30 markets worldwide, was released last Nov. 16.

The study was developed amid the growing adoption of AI, a shift that has made impact in every areas of business and daily life.