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‘Cybercrime is all about evolution, not revolution’

A director of a cybersecurity company’s research team argued that cybercriminals are “short termed focused,” saying that they do not follow the same rate of technology’s speed of innovation.

“Criminals think short-term and easy. All of their efforts are focused here, making their existence a little easier for them or making it more possible,” said Robert McArdle, Trend Micro’s Forward Looking Threat Research director, during his keynote speech at IT security company Trend Micro’s cybersecurity conference held on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

However, McArdle said that advanced persistent threats (APT) are going to continue in the next three years.

He cited trends for defenders such as the emergence of overlay networks, blockchain attacks on private blockchains, artificial intelligence, and replacement of passwords with biometric scans.

Furthermore, McArdle said that the easy-access on video, audio, and image deepfake technology are being used in “virtual kidnapping” to scam parents.

“In the future, there will be some innovations like we’ve mentioned. But I hate to say it that a lot of the attacks that we’re going to face in the coming years will look very similar to the attacks that we faced in the last two years,” McArdle said.

Moreover, the director said that cybercriminals in the future will be more skilled at a time where technology will be moving “exponentially.”

“It’s really important for everybody to constantly keep up with where cybercrimes are going if you want to be able to defend against these types of things,” McArdle said.

(From left to right) Decode 2023’s panel is made up of SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. principal Philip Casanova, Trend Micro’s Managed Detection and Response director Jay Yaneza, Trend Micro’s research team director Robert McArdle, and Interpol Cybercrime Directorate’s Head of Cybercrime Intelligence Ivo De Carvalho.

Meanwhile, Philip Casanova, a principal at the SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. Philippines Technology Consulting practice, said during the panel discussion that there is a shortage in cybersecurity professionals in the country amid the growing war against cybercrimes.

He shared that his clients have shared their constant struggle with having to put up more security measures in order to strengthen one’s cybersecurity posture.

“How do we simplify, especially the detection and the response? Sometimes the complexity becomes the risk,” Casanova said.

However, he believes that the public’s perception has grown over the past years, saying that there is no longer a need to choose an audience when it comes to cybersecurity.

“Nowadays, you could have freeform discussions with a random individual about something that they read on Facebook or on the internet,” he said

Decode 2023: Resilience Rising is the 7th installation of the annual cybersecurity event of Trend Micro, a global IT security company.

The conference gathered IT professionals and students across the world to teach leaders and newcomers to the industry about tools and skills in the changing threat landscape.