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Here’s why the Osmo Pocket 3 should be a Filipino vlogger’s companion

Vlogging is a key component in the Filipino influencer industry, and that’s exactly what DJI wants to target with its recently launched handheld gimbal camera, OSMO Pocket 3, with an upgraded CMOS sensor, which allows higher video quality shooting anywhere and anytime.

The Pocket 3 also boasts its 2-inch rotatable touchscreen, full-pixel fast focusing, and a three-axis mechanical stabilization.

In an exclusive interview,  DJI Philippines’ country manager Lenny Wangli said that the Pocket 3 is suitable for Filipinos looking for a pocket camera.

“I think, Filipinos—you like sharing your lifestyle. You want to share everything. You’re posting your daily. I think the Pocket 3 is very suitable for video-taking. Also it’s very small-sized, so it’s very easy to carry. You can carry it anywhere,” Wangli said.

“Also for the 1” CMOS, it’s a very good upgrade from last generation. So, images are more clear and wider in size. I think that’s very important for Filipinos.”

Filipino vloggers and other guests were able to test the Osmo Pocket 3 during the exclusive workshop hosted by the JG Superstore last Nov. 7, 2023 at its headquarters in Greenhills, San Juan City.

The upgraded CMOS sensor is a leap from its first two predecessors. Travel and lifestyle vloggers are able to shoot in low-light situations, and trusting the Pocket 3 to deliver clear and authentic videos in these almost unforgiving situations.

With its D-Log M and 10-bit color modes, videos shot with the pocket gimbal camera will have natural and delicate color gradations. Users may feel no restrictions in shooting sunsets, sunrises, and grassfields.

The gimbal camera also has the ActiveTrack 6.0 which offers Face Auto-Detect and Dynamic Framing, which are both features that keep the subject in the spotlight.

In addition to that, the built-in three-mic array helps reduce background noise and captures omnidirectional stereo sound. Fit for sit-down videos, live streams, or interviews the DJI Mic 2 enables dual-person recording as well.

DJI PH’s country manager Lenny Wangli delivers a short speech during the JG Superstore x DJI Philippines’ exclusive workshop.

“Tiktok is now so popular. So, the Pocket 3—the one key selling point is the vertical screen. So, it’s more suitable for the IG, Twitter, Tiktok. So it’s more suitable for Asians, including Filipinos. I think that’s an enhanced selling point for the Philippine market,” the DJI PH country manager said.