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X users lament the end of the Circles feature

Users of X (formerly Twitter) express their woes for the end of X’s exclusive posting feature that limits the number of people who can see and interact with a user’s tweet.

Last month, X announced that it will be shutting the feature down on Oct. 31, giving no elaborate reason why. It was after users started seeing posts, intended to be a Circle tweet, in X’s For You tweets.

Users are still wondering what will happen to their older Circle posts, while some are already accepting it. 

“It was really me and my twitter circle against the world. now what do we have, nothing,” X user @tomiboxers said in a post.

Some users are calling for X’s owner, Elon Musk, to stop “ruining” the public platform. Musk’s ownership has been a series of “messy” affairs, with many users expressing disappointment toward the changes he made. 

“Goodbye Circle feature, we hardly knew ye. I guess even shapes aren’t safe from social media extinction now!” @metansangames tweeted

Some users are sharing photos of the people they included in their Circle as tribute to its ending. 

X wrote in its help center that users will no longer be able to create new Circle posts but they can still remove people from their Circle lists. 

Twitter (not yet X) launched Twitter Circle on August 2022, which is similar to Instagram’s Close Friends. 

However, Musk has already expressed its dislike of the Twitter Circle feature, endorsing the maximized use of direct messages and community chats instead.