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Canva just got more awesome with AI prompts

In the dynamic world of education, teachers are constantly balancing multiple tasks, from meticulously planning lessons to crafting visually engaging materials for their students. As a new school year approaches for many in our community, we’re committed to providing educators with tools to alleviate their workload and boost their productivity during the back-to-school season and beyond.

From creative lesson planning with AI copywriting assistant Magic Write to imaginative visual creations with Text to Image, Canva’s transformative AI tools are helping teachers streamline classroom tasks, allowing them to devote more time and energy to classroom engagement and individual students’ needs.

Magic Write: an AI-powered teaching assistant in Canva

As a new school year approaches, teachers are challenged with crafting content that caters to the diverse needs of their students. Magic Write is an AI-powered teaching assistant within Canva that generates content based on prompts, giving teachers valuable time back. Removing the need for laborious planning, Magic Write empowers teachers to focus on delivering captivating and inclusive educational experiences.

Streamlining lesson planning

Lesson planning is the backbone of effective teaching, but it’s often a time-consuming task that educators face. By providing a comprehensive platform for generating ideas, content, and assessments, Magic Write empowers teachers to create well-structured lesson plans effortlessly.

With a few clicks, educators can input their learning objectives, and Magic Write instantly suggests relevant activities, resources, and assessment strategies. This not only saves teachers significant time but also ensures lessons are well-organized, allowing educators to dedicate more energy to the heart of teaching: fostering impactful classroom interactions and student growth.


Adapting content for every learner

Magic Write goes beyond generating creative ideas; it also enables teachers to effortlessly tailor complex content to suit the specific grade they’re teaching and the learning abilities and interests of their students. For example, a 5th-grade math teacher can make the concept of statistics more accessible and engaging for young learners.

Creating individualized learning experiences

Individualized learning has become increasingly essential in nurturing students’ diverse needs and promoting their holistic growth. Crafting individualized learning experiences by creating customized content and tailoring materials can be time-consuming and overwhelming for educators, and Canva is helping to simplify this. For example, teachers can adapt learning materials to ensure that the same content is accessible and engaging for students across different reading levels. By reducing the administrative burden, we’re empowering teachers to focus on fostering meaningful connections with their students, ensuring every learner receives the personalized support they need to thrive both academically and emotionally.

We’re seeing our teaching community use the magic of AI in incredibly unique ways to create personalized experiences for students. Our Text-to-Image tool has extended beyond content creation for Erika Sandstrom, a Digital Learning teacher from Massachusetts, who’s using Canva to make a positive impact on her students’ well-being. Erika created a custom, animated template called “My Breathing Bubble” to help her students with mindfulness and breathing exercises, which relies on Text-to-Image to help each student personalize that tool to their unique needs.

We’re thrilled to be part of the back-to-school journey for our community of 45 million educators and students worldwide. We truly believe in the magic of AI to transform the teaching process, and we’re committed to empowering educators with these tools for free through Canva for Education. Our goal is to be a supportive partner for teachers around the world to help streamline tasks, inspire creativity in their classrooms, and allow them to devote more time to meaningful learning.

Canva for Education is 100% free for all K-12 teachers, students, schools, districts, campuses, ministries, and school systems. Sign up today and check out some of our latest back-to-school templates.