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Go tech and beyond: 4 reasons why you should consider Yondu for your IT career

MANILA, Philippines — Online job portal JobStreet recently released its study, Unlocking the Future of Recruitment, which showed that 83% of its respondents reported being approached with offers for various job roles a number of times in a year—with 31% getting offers weekly for positions in the IT industry. The study also found that job seekers consider great work-life balance, compensation, and benefits in job offers.

Yondu, the top IT solutions company wholly owned by Globe and known for developing solutions for businesses, prioritizes pay and benefits competitiveness through regular benchmarking of market data and best practices. The company also has tailor-fitted rewards programs according to talent segments.

While Yondu empowers its employees to learn more through various programs, they also have programs that allow employees to break work routines, enjoy their hobbies, showcase their talents, and create genuine bonds at work. 

What makes it even better is that they’re looking for more people to join their growing team! Here are 4 more reasons why Yondu is the perfect choice for a career in the IT field:

  1. Yondu has established itself as a trustworthy IT solutions company

Yondu started its journey as Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG) in 2001, a humble tech-based company with only three employees specializing in mobile content and digital applications. In 2004, EGG grew and formed a focused Technology Team. In 2008, Globe Telecom acquired EGG while the latter’s portfolio and capabilities expanded to Custom Development and IT Staffing, apart from VAS. EGG later rebranded as Yondu in 2014. As the company made a name for itself and earned the trust of various organizations, it was fully acquired by Globe in 2019.

  1. Yondu has worked with big companies and will help you gain valuable experience

Yondu has worked with some of the biggest companies from various industries in the country, such as banking, health, and insurance, to name a few. Yondu has also become an integral part of a top insurance company’s journey, from its compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards to the modernization of its systems and migration to the cloud.  

  1. Yondu offers training, upskilling, and reskilling programs

Yondu University, the company’s educational initiative, provides various programs and continuous career growth opportunities for its employees. The company has a Cadetship program, which accelerates the career of fresh graduates; a CodeShift program (Reskilling) for those who are open to exploring other capabilities and widening the horizon of their career; and a SkillUp program (Upskilling) for expanding capabilities and skill sets to meet the increasing business demands and ever-changing technology trends. 

Yondu also pays equal importance to soft skills or what they call “Power Skills.” The company hones every Yondude, or an employee of Yondu, to lead oneself, stay relevant, and be ready for the future. 

  1. Yondu nurtures a healthy and friendly working environment

Yondu has developed a culture where employees enjoy learning across talent segments. The company organizes enablement programs to build high-performing teams and rolls out IDPs or Individual Development Plans to drive learning and career development focused on employee goals. Yondudes have harnessed a can-do attitude.

In a fast-paced environment, Yondu’s culture is the vehicle that moves teams in synergy. The company also has a lot of programs that allow employees to break work monotony, enjoy their hobbies, showcase their talents, and create genuine bonds at work. 

Yondudes work in cross-functional teams so they can be exposed to a wide range of skills, perspectives, and experiences, which also fosters a culture of continuous learning and development.

So what does it take to be a Yondude? The company is looking for someone with at least six months to one year of IT experience who can analyze and solve complex problems using critical thinking and creativity, learn new concepts quickly and make adjustments in a fast-paced environment, can collaborate well with others, and is eager to learn. New hires could then enjoy tailor-fitted rewards programs according to talent segments on top of competitive pay and benefits.

“While maintaining a vibrant IT sector landscape, Yondu also promotes the well-being of its workers, putting it ahead of other organizations,” said Michael Vincent Bernabe, Senior Project Manager in Yondu. 

From only three employees at the beginning of its journey, Yondu has grown into a large company with over a thousand experts who are passionate about learning and helping businesses thrive in different industries. 

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