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Google leaks Pixel 8 Pro with 360-degree preview ahead of its October debut

Google’s upcoming Pixel 8 Pro has been leaked again by the brand itself with an online simulator, a month earlier than its supposed launching, revealing its color varieties and new features. 

Last month, an image of a man carrying a porcelain white device by his ear appeared for a short period of time on the Google Store, which is now confirmed to be the design of the unannounced Pixel 8 Pro due to the recent Google leak. 

With the early preview of the device, fans got a chance to examine the device online through a 360-degree preview in three different colors: Porcelain, Licorice, and Sky. 

The leak also put an end to the speculations of it having a temperature sensor that allows the user to check body temperature, as the device simulator revealed it being housed next to the LED flash and a camera with 5x telephoto lens. 

The simulator, now taken down, did not include the specs. However, from the previous Pixel phones, the upcoming device is expected to have a 50 megapixel for its main camera, a 64 megapixel for its ultrawide camera, and 11 megapixel for the selfie camera. 

Rumors of it being only an eSIM device were also disregarded as the alleged accidental leak showed a sim card slot located on the top of the device, unlike the Apple’s Iphone 14 series. 

X users have mixed reactions upon the leak as some believe that Google did it as a marketing ploy to keep the hype over the device going before Apple’s launching of the iPhone 15 next week, Sept. 15.

However, technology social media influencer, M. Brandon Lee, put it in writing on social media, defending the leak may not be intentional.

“The conspiracy theory that they do is far more of a stretch than some third party agency responsible for setting up the page for it screwing up and not making it private (and not expecting people to just scour and watch the page constantly),” Lee’s comment on one of his X posts. 

Google has a history of its Pixel phones being leaked before the actual release date. The same incident has happened to its Pixel 4, Pixel 5, Pixel 6 and 6a, Pixel 7a, and the Nexus 4 and 5.

Google will officially release the Pixel 8 series on October 4.