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The JisuLife Handheld Fan Ultra1 will blow you away this Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! If you’re looking for a fun Father’s Day gadget to gift to your father (or father figure), you might want to go for the Jisulife Handheld Fan Ultra1, dubbed as the World’s Number 1 Portable Fan brand. Not only is it meme-levels strong, it’s quite handy, practical and nerdy that will definitely appeal to millennial, gen X, and boomer tech dads.

Not only is it super strong to keep you cooled down during hot days, it also functions as a blower with the included attachments.The fan’s speed can be adjusted with a wind speed gear which, when rocked to 100% can literally blow away small things in your desk like … mousepads and smaller solid gadgets.

The JisuLife Ultra1 is that perfect Father’s Day gift that will definitely blow them away!

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When charged, the safety mechanism kicks in, which means you can only use the device with a max speed of 1%, still not bad as a desk fan. Battery life is of course on the short side being a really strong fan. I used it while having lunch during a bike ride and 20 minutes pushes the battery down to 70% at 50% speed.

The Ultra1 comes with two nozzle attachments and a stand that can connect to a tripod. It also comes with two USB cables (a C to C and a C to A) and a retractable brush. It also comes with a lanyard carabiner for the on-the-go look!

Currently the item is available in your favorite online shopping sites for slightly more than P3,000.00.