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Lenovo’s new wave of productivity through AI for the creative sector

AI is inevitable. That’s exactly what the Lenovo Innovate 2024 Summit has made clear to consumers through the latest product lineups.

This year’s installment of the Lenovo Innovate was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from March 26 to 29.

With Lenovo making its presence louder in the Asia Pacific, it launched new additions to its Yoga, Legion, and LOQ laptops last March 28 in Bangkok.

As someone who has never used a gaming laptop, nor seen how different it is from an ordinary laptop, seeing a big hall full of Lenovo gaming laptops was a whole new experience for me.

The Lenovo Legion 7i has the Intel Core 19-14900HX processor, and comes in Eclipse Black and Glacier White color variants.

As a casual user, I found gaming laptops to be beasts in their own right: heavier, tougher, faster. With more intense GPUs and cooling technology. And now made better with AI.

PhilSTAR Tech will take you through these AI innovations this year introduced by Lenovo.

Creative process, aided by AI

Leon Yu, Lenovo’s Asia Pacific Consumer Business Lead, said that the additions to their consumer PCs are aimed to help its users in the current rise of AI-enabled technologies.

“We are bringing forth AI-powered innovative devices to empower users in a time where the uptake of AI-enabled technology is on the rise,” Yu said.

Moreover, the global tech brand wanted to cater to the demands of content creation by today’s digital natives—the Gen Zs,  which I find to be good news.

The updated Yoga series include models that have Intel Core Ultra processors and integrated with CoPilot via Microsoft’s Windows 11. All models in the series are equipped with color calibrated PureSight Pro display and PureSight OLED display for better screen brightness and color accuracy.

The inclusion of the CoPilot key creates a shortcut to access to Microsoft’s smart AI assistant called CoPilot. Think of it as a modern day ‘Clippy.’ It will gather information and inspiration from the web to help the user get a task done at ease and with speed.

In one demonstration I took part in, the user asked the chatbot to search traditional Thai food. The results were in the English language, so they had to ask the chatbot to translate the passages to Chinese, and it did in a matter of seconds.

Another cool thing about it is that the AI assistant is already integrated with any Microsoft 365 app available in one’s laptop. While you work on Word, for example, it can suggest things to write based on your patterns.

For someone who always needs transcription of meetings and interviews, the CoPilot can also transcribe and summarize the details in a recording.

These features are available with the Lenovo’s Yoga 9i and Yoga 9i 2-in-1, two of the models that run on Lenovo’s AI Engine+ which are driven by Lenovo LA Core Chips.

A zone for creators

Beyond all those AI things that really amazed me, there was a booth far back in the hall that also begged attention.

There were two artists working on a Yoga Book 9i—which they call to be a multi-mode laptop, It had dual OLED screens for multitasking.

Yoga Book 9i has a dual OLED screen for multi-tasking.

Asking about it, I learned that the booth was supposed to introduce Lenovo’s Creator Zone. For creators looking to transform text into great visuals, this might be the paradise for you.

I am neither a painter nor a digital artist, but when I saw those artists sitting silently, enjoying their craft in peace—I wanted to be gifted with their skill.

Lenovo Creator Zone will be out in the second half of 2024 in select Asia Pacific markets.

The Lenovo Creator Zone is a software that is only available on select Yoga laptops. It is a privacy-conscious AI tool that offers image training—which means creators can train it into a personalized model that matches their artistic style and preferences.

The software, like any other generative AI tool, just lets you type whatever you wanted to see—without having to write up complex codes and prompts.

Moreover, it can be used offline, a security feature Lenovo added into the software.

This zone made specifically for creators and artists alike is such an interesting innovation, especially in an age where the competition is based on something’s uniqueness.

An AI-ready future for creators

The world is moving toward an age where AI is embedded in every aspect of our lives. Having a large consumer PC brand like Lenovo harness the power AI into its products, is one great sign that we should be ready. Fighting against it will only be counterproductive.

For creators in the creative industry, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for we will be facing issues on privacy, intellectual property, and such.

AI is here to stay. It’s either you sink or float. If we want to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry, it’s time to understand this technology and how we can wield it into our own powerful tool.