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A glimpse beyond tomorrow: The PhilSTAR Tech launch

“I know everyone in this room. It’s like a reunion of sorts after the pandemic.” This is how Philippine Star’s newly minted Technology Editor Jayvee Fernandez greeted industry guests at Straight Up, Seda Hotel in BGC last October 24 2023. 

Fernandez is no stranger to the tech scene, having started his career as a tech blogger in the mid 2000’s and worked his way into the technology beat. “I remember that we wanted to prove a point, that you could get a scoop before the 3:00 PM deadline in the newspaper. There were a few of us back then, but we all had our Palm Pilots and Blackberry phones and would quickly write an article after a lunch event and upload it via free WiFi at a coffee shop.” As someone who has been living and breathing technology for his entire professional career, Fernandez is up for the challenge to guide readers in the realm of emerging technologies, such as the yin and yang of Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity for the masses.

EVP for the Philstar Media Group Lucien Dy Tioco explained the PhilSTAR Tech’s logo by highlighting the human face incorporated into the logo. “The representation of that face is putting humanity into technology.”

The PhilSTAR Tech team highlighted that the approach of the section is to treat it like a true platform with print, online, social media, and even TV. By next year, PhilSTAR Tech will also be mounting its own online and physical events.

The event was attended by the who’s who in the marketing and public relations sector for technology. Agencies present include Ardent, Browne Communications, EON, First Tier Brands, Fuse, Geiser Maclang, Greenbulb PR, M360, Ogilvy, Perceptions, Stratworks / ID8, and TeamAsia. Brands present include ASUS, BPI, Huawei, ICS, Microsoft, Razer, and PLDT.