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Sprout Solutions unveils upgraded ecosystem, reveals all-in-one HR platform

MAKATI, Philippines – Sprout Solutions, the country’s leading homegrown B2B SaaS company and tech leader, introduces a new ecosystem aimed to improve the overall employee lifecycle management and business enablement of companies through artificial intelligence. In an effort to strengthen and optimize business processes for companies nationwide, Sprout Solutions has improved and diversified their product suite, alleviating common HR and Payroll pain points, and accelerating digital transformation in the country.

“From recruitment to retirement, Sprout Solutions plays a pivotal role at each stage of the employee lifecycle. The progress we have achieved is to serve our clients better, and in turn, allow our clients to serve their employees better as well,” says Patrick Gentry, the CEO and Co-founder of Sprout Solutions. “From our initial target of addressing timekeeping and payroll nuances in the Philippines, our goal now is to multiply our effect and cultivate an ecosystem of partners that are aligned with our vision in uplifting employee management systems and business operations nationwide,” he added.

Launch of Sprout AI Labs (S.A.I.L.)

Following its recent acquisition of Aiah A.I., Sprout Solutions introduced S.A.I.L (Sprout A.I. Labs) as a significant step in advancing the company through the utilization of artificial intelligence. This innovative product leverages cutting-edge technology to deploy chatbots tailored to enhance HR and business operations by aligning them with each employee’s unique profile. The aim of this initiative is to simplify internal and legal transactions for all individuals within the organization and is anticipated to be released by December 2023.

Additionally, S.A.I.L. will unveil a collection of bots in the upcoming year to expedite responses for both employees and employers. For instance, with the ongoing development of this new feature, bots will have the ability to comprehend the company’s manual within a mere 20 seconds and can promptly address inquiries regarding the organization’s policies. By uploading all requirements and documentation, HR professionals will no longer be required to handle repetitive queries from the team. Instead, individuals will be redirected to a bot allowing HR professionals to concentrate on more crucial tasks aimed at enhancing overall operational efficiency.

“We are constructing these solutions with the primary goal of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in our day-to-day business operations while prioritizing security and the privacy of the company and its employees. Above all, we are ensuring to develop these technologies in an ethical and responsible manner,” emphasizes Gian Dela Rama, the Head of Sprout A.I. Labs. “We want to assure Filipino workers that A.I. will not replace jobs, instead it’ll augment employees, making them more productive and engaged. This is in line with our dream to build the future of work – a future where bots and brains work hand-in-hand,” he added.

Head of Sprout A.I. Labs (S.A.I.L) Gian Dela Rama discussing A.I. integration in the New Sprout Solutions Ecosystem

Developing tech partners within the ecosystem

Another automation upgrade allows Sprout Solutions payroll to integrate with its clients’ accounting platforms, helping improve companies’ accounting management systems. By partnering with Netsuite, Sprout Solutions goes beyond just being an HR system and is able to provide a comprehensive and streamlined accounting solution that offers real-time financial insights needed by businesses to scale up.

In taking part in the company’s growing suite, Sprout Solutions has also partnered with companies such as Hive Health, an award-winning digital health platform for comprehensive, hassle-free health plans, and Olivia, to assist with activating reimbursement processes and expense management lifecycles of its clients. Such partnerships are able to streamline numerous HR processes allowing clients access to automated transactions, as well as promoting cost-effective systems that free up time for more essential HR functions.

“Our main priority now is to ensure that our upgrades and solutions are effectively integrated into the platform. This provides a more seamless experience, allowing our clients to address all their needs in one dashboard. Together with our partners, and by incorporating their expertise into our platform, we are able to design a holistic suite of services, giving our clients the best breed of solutions across all categories that enable them to make their work more manageable and convenient,” concludes Kislay Chandra, the Chief Product Officer of Sprout Solutions.

Sprout Solutions’ Chief Product Officer Kislay Chandra giving introducing the New Sprout Ecosystem

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