Dante Gagelonia

About the author

Dante is a board member of the Probe Media Foundation, Inc., a consulting editor, and a cat person. He loves playing video games and tabletop games alike, and is one of the producers of GeekFight, a Metro Manila-based trivia event.

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PumaPodcast presses on for the future of Filipino media

As media institutions struggle to survive in a time of relentless tech upheaval, PumaPodcast CEO Carljoe Javier still believes in fighting the good fight.

Struggling with indoor heat? Think like a PC builder

Any computer cooling strategy starts with paying attention to the temperature.

The Frostpunk 2 beta was a bittersweet glimpse of changing times

11 bit Studios’ peek at its ambitious sequel didn’t portend the experience hardcore fans might...

Stellar Blade’s demo understood the assignment

If you own a PS5, try the demo. It’s worth experiencing, if only for the chance to say you have Korean Bayonetta at home.

Pacific Drive is the Fringe tribute I never knew I wanted

Ironwood Studios’ sci-fi road trip captures lightning in a ramshackle four-wheeled bottle, taking some of the best sparks from genre and crafting-game traditions for a ride.

Creator Convos: Behind the Scenes with SevyPlays

You can check out SevyPlays’ fine work about Genshin Impact and other HoYoverse games on YouTube and on Twitch

Into the Twilight: Quick Glimpses of The Zone

Perhaps we can interest you in an introspective journey instead: a ready-to-go RPG experience that’s light on setup but vast in depth and personal meaning, facilitated by gorgeous tarot-sized cards and wrapped in speculative fiction ambience.

Losing Your Mind at Lunchtime: The Convenient Compulsions of World of Horror

Depending on when you’re reading this, we’re long past Halloween and far from any season that evokes horror—except maybe the end of the holidays. But in the aggressively macabre World of Horror, it’s always that time. Time to be shocked, time to be spooked, time to be saviors of a world about to end thanks to eldritch forces beyond our comprehension.

Scanning Frequencies Open: A Review of Kotobukiya’s Vulcan Science Officer

The Vulcan Science Officer 1/7 scale figure based on the look of Star Trek: TOS is now readily available across international markets after its announcement and preorders early this year.

Never Stop Boosting: Chasing Flesh and Blood’s Bright Lights

Some context, for newbies: Flesh and Blood is primarily—we’ll come back to this qualifier in another article—a 1v1 tabletop card game. Y’know, like Magic: The Gathering, but not three decades old.

We Didn’t Start the Fire: A Quick Review of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

I wholeheartedly recommend AC6 to everyone, both fans and newbies. It’s what a fast-paced game from 2023 should be: cool, flashy, and thoroughly entertaining.