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First impressions with the Nothing Phone (2a)

Nothing just released their latest offering, the Nothing Phone (2a). Widely considered as a “budget...

The Instax mini Evo is the perfect Valentines gift to create digital and analog memories

Partly analog, partly digital, all awesomeness. I belatedly jumped into the Instax bandwagon and I couldn’t...

8BitDo Retro Keyboard Review: The one with the two big fat buttons

Relive your retro gaming days with either the NES or Famicom color schemes Keyboard uses Kailh...

Identity theft is when someone pretends to be you without your knowledge

It is not that difficult to steal social media accounts and real money from potential victims. All that needs to happen is for people to be careless with their personal information, which opens them up to becoming victims of fraud – no hacking required. 

‘Tis the season for Scamming

It is times like these that highlight the importance of knowing how to spot fraud attempts to avoid them.

Got friends who had their Facebook account hacked? Here’s all you need to know to keep your accounts safe

Use a secure and reputable email provider for Facebook account recovery.  Gmail and Yahoo Mail are the usual options but may not be secure enough and are also often targeted for account takeover.