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Are these “Fitbit for dogs” any good?

As a pet owner, my dog’s health is a top priority. With a medium-sized hyperactive corgi, maintaining his health and activity level is important. That’s why I found something to help me track his wellness – a wearable fitness tracker for pets!

There’s a massive market for pet care items, so it didn’t surprise me at all when I found the Petkit Fit 3 – a fitness monitor that tracks important things you need to know about your pet’s wellness. It’s a tiny device that offers a comprehensive overview of your pet’s well-being, such as sleep cycle, activity level, calories burned, and mood. One innovation that it has is the heart rate monitor, which is very useful for aging dogs or those with pre-existing cardiac conditions.

Paw-fect Fit!
The Petkit Fit 3 tracker is placed on a durable and water-resistant collar, which is easily worn around the neck. The collar buckle doesn’t disrupt my dog’s movement with its non-intrusive design. My dog’s fur is quite fluffy, so the collar is buried in his fur.

The tracker transmits data via Bluetooth and into an app, providing a detailed breakdown of your dog’s daily activities. With a few taps, I can see my dog’s sleeping patterns and activity periods. This data helps me fix my schedule – I try to insert pockets of play time with my dog to ensure he receives the daily exercise he needs. In this way, we build a routine that strengthens our bond as well. The app also shows how much deep and light sleep my dog gets in a day. I learned from the vet that a dog should get an average of 12 hours sleep in a day – so the Petkit Fit 3 helps me monitor if my dog is well-rested.

The tracker is pretty affordable – I purchased one for Php 500 through an e-Commerce app. Given the price tag, this gadget is a good investment.

Would I recommend it to other pet owners? Absolutely! It’s a great device to use to be on top of your pet’s overall wellness. Knowing your pet’s health data is necessary for proactive care, so you can help your pet lead a healthy life. The Petkit Fit 3 enables us pet owners with the right decision when it comes to our pets’ overall well-being. This cute device gives us and our pets the health and happiness we all deserve.