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Is the new realme C65 the real deal? 

New flagship smartphone models come out so often that they become less and less exciting and budget phones are no different–they are literally everywhere. But what makes an entry-level phone special (price point aside) that you would want to buy it even when you can afford a much better phone? 



First, let’s discuss what quickly grabs our attention: the looks. The C65 has a minimalist design language and I love it! It’s sleek and simple and looks expensive. It also comes in two colors which are the Starlight Black that exudes a gwapo ako vibe; and the Starlight Purple that BTS Armys would love. Borahae! I prefer the black variant, though. 


The 7.64mm ultra-slim smartphone feels smooth, light, and is easy to hold. Its back cover has a glossy finish and is made up of a 7-layer 300nm coating process, creating a 2-layer starlight effect that screams shining, shimmering sparklesss! The volume rocker and power button—which also serves as a Dynamic Button but more on that later–are placed on the right side, while the nano-SIM and microSD card slot is on the left. Ports and loudspeakers are located at the bottom. 


The C65 has a 6.67-inch IPS LCD screen with an HD+ resolution and up to 90Hz refresh rate. It also showcases a TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified eye comfort display to give you a better and more immersive viewing experience and protect you from eye fatigue during long phone usage in dim lighting settings. 


Battery and charging 

My job requires me to be on the move, traveling between events and working from home or in the office. This kind of mobile working needs a daily driver phone that’s always charged and ready to use anytime. What I like about the realme C65 is that it boasts a massive 5000mAh battery that provides a longer standby time of up to 28.7 days. This powerhouse lets you indulge in all your favorite entertainment with ample charge remaining after your multimedia binge. Equipped with 45W SUPERVOOC fast charging technology via USB-C, it sets a new standard for charging speed in its segment. A mere 30-second charge yields enough power for a 43-minute call, while longer charging sessions can quickly replenish the battery. This next-level fast charging capability ensures you can charge for minutes and use your device for hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity and entertainment. 

Internal storage 

As someone who takes a lot of photos and videos–and by “a lot” I mean tons–for work and also often forgets to clean up unnecessary files, one of the first things I look for is internal storage. It has to have at least 128gb of storage capacity. Luckily, the realme C65 has a 256gb limit. But I still use a memory card because I want more space and because the C65 has a dedicated microSD slot to expand storage up to 2tb. 

Expandable dynamic RAM 

The realme C65 has built-in 8gb RAM that you can expand by an additional 4gb, 6gb, or 8gb memory, depending on the phone’s available storage space, giving you a total of 16gb dynamic RAM to let you “get plenty of power for a smooth gaming experience.” 

Powerful chipset 

The octa-core Helio G85 Processor by MediaTek features a robust CPU that speeds of up to 2.0GHz clock rate for faster and efficient computing and reduced power consumption. It can handle casual gaming but given its frequency, it may struggle with complex and intensive games that require more processing power and memory. 


The AI Boost 

I don’t play mobile games (but if Wordscapes and Candy Crush count, then yes, I do) but my son does, so I let him use the phone sometimes. Thanks to C65’s AI Boost, an innovative technology designed to minimize lag and improve high frame rate, I have never seen him play so calmly that I could finally work peacefully and without any distractions whenever I work from home (such a relief!) This AI feature combines Smooth Boost and Game Boost functionalities, delivering a powerful smartphone experience that excels in both advanced multitasking and fluid gaming. 

New phone everyday 

Certified by the German Quality Standard Association, the realme C65 has a TÜV SÜD 48-Month Fluency A-Rating that guarantees four years of smooth, lag-free use and “new phone feel” that you can enjoy for an extended period. That is the highest quality standard beyond the typical lifespan of comparable devices in its class, making it the most sulit phone of the year. 

Ingress Protection 54 Rating 

Having an IP54 rating means that C65, although not fully dustproof, is built to handle a quantity of dust that could interfere with normal use. It is also protected against splashes of water from any angle. 

Rainwater Smart Touch 

We all have that inability to keep ourselves from using our phones even while walking. And with the rainy season here, it’s inevitable to get the screen wet from the rain especially when you’re outdoors. But with its Rainwater Smart Touch, you can unlock your phone, answer calls, and even type in your password without needing to wipe off the screen. I can personally attest to this when I experienced how handy this feature is. I was in an outdoor event when it suddenly drizzled, but I was still able to type and send an entire email with rainwater on the phone screen. 

Dynamic Power Button 

The realme C65 transforms the traditional power button into a multifunctional Dynamic Button. When activated, it serves as a fast fingerprint scanner for quick device unlocking and allows you to customize its use according to your needs when double-tapped, double-pressed, or swiped up and down. This unique feature puts convenience at your fingertips, making everyday tasks more accessible and efficient. For a millennial Tita like me who is used to power buttons just being a regular on-off switch and hard reset Android phones, I find this feature really cool. LOL 

Air Gesture and Smart Scan 

Air Gestures allows you to do the most essential mobile phone operations without touching your device. You just wave your hand and voila—it does its thang! While Air Gestures are touchless controls, the Smart Scan needs a double tap on the sensor located on the back of your phone to do a quick QR code scan. Both features use the Smart Sensing technology. 


50MP AI Cam (rear) 

If you want to take advantage of the Hi-Res camera settings, do NOT move at all costs. You really need steady hands to enjoy the 50MP Mode. But there are other modes like Street with Street Photography filters, Night, Portrait, Tilt-Shift, Pro, and more. I personally prefer using the standard Photo mode with the HDR always on because I need to snap tons of photos as quickly as I can. 

8MP for Selfie (front) 

The front camera is okay. I don’t expect much from an 8-megapixel. But it’s pretty useful when I can’t find my compact mirror. 

Video settings 

The Video function has two settings: 1080P@30fps and 720P@30fps. realme C65 doesn’t have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) so videos tend to be shaky and sometimes blurry. I suggest you use a monopod or anything to hold the phone if you want less movement to get better-quality videos. 


realme C65 fared pretty well, at least in terms of getting the job done. Would I buy it at its SRP of ₱9,999 knowing that it does not have what I really want in a smartphone? Well, I would because it has all that I need and more. Besides, it ain’t about the tools; it’s how you use them.