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Here are the best wireless Chi-Fi earbuds for you

Last time, we’ve seen how you can get a great audio experience without spending a fortune with Chi-Fi earphones, but we focused on wired headphones. However, there are tons of you out there who don’t like using wired headphones, so here are some wireless Chi-Fi options for your own listening enjoyment. And since we’re dealing with Chi-Fi, we can get quality audio for a fraction of the price of other products – Chi-Fi has become a popular choice among budget-minded audiophiles, offering great value for money without compromising on quality.

And we can see the same standard of quality with wireless products, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

Entry Level: Moondrop Space Travel

The Moondrop Space Travel is a great entry-level pair of buds for those looking for a cheap truer wireless option. This comes with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity to ensure the best possible stable connection with your phone for up to 10 meters. Surprisingly, it also comes with Active Noise Cancelation, which is a rarity in its price range. With the Moondrop app, you can also select a preset EQ curve so you can tune this to your liking. And finally, if you game on your phone, you can switch to a Game Mode to reduce latency so you don’t miss a shot.

The Moondrop Space Travel comes with some caveats, however – unlike other wireless earphones, it only has 4 hours of playback time on their earphones. You can however top that up via the charging case so you can listen for up to 12 hours. The audio protocols that it comes with are also the lossy kind, to save battery, mainly SBC and AAC, if you care about that sort of thing. There’s also the issue of the default audio cues – you might not be into hearing an anime girl going “Shh!” in your ears just to let you know that the Moondrop Space Travel is in transparency mode. I know I’m not.

If You Prefer Headphones: SoundPEATS Space

If you don’t like in-ears and would prefer an over-ear set of headphones, then the SoundPEATS Space might be something you’re interested in. It boasts of 40mm dynamic drivers to deliver crystal-clear audio to your ears. It’s also hi-res audio certified, but only if you use a wired connection, which I think cheats a little bit. On the codec side, it only supports AAC and SBC, so there’s no hi-res audio via Bluetooth. It also has Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, so you can reduce ambient noise by up to 35dB. It also has multipoint connection and Bluepoint 5.3, so you can have a stable connection and switch between two devices.

Turn Your Existing IEMs Wireless: KZ AZ20

Maybe you have a pair of in-ear monitors that you’re actually happy with, and you wish you can just use without the hassle of wires. If you have a compatible IEM, just remove the cables and attach them to the KZ AZ20 and you’ve converted your favorite buds!

The KZ AZ20 comes with Bluetooth 5.3 and aptX HD Lossless so you can listen to songs in the highest-possible quality. It also comes with three modes – Balanced Mode, Bass Boost Mode, and Gaming Mode so you can make it adapt to any situation you’re in. With its 800 mAh battery capacity in the case, the KZ AZ20 also boasts of 6 hours playback time for the earhooks, and up to 54 hours if you include the charging case!

But due to the nature of the adapter, you won’t find active noise canceling here, and the earhooks design might not be to your liking. But if you want to use your current buds wirelessly, then this is for you.

So here are three Chi-Fi options so you can get started on your wireless audio journey. If you know of other wireless options from the Chi-Fi side of things, let us know and we can also feature them here on Philstar Tech!