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New app allows content creators to monetize ‘easily’

Financial technology (FinTech) solutions firm Eplayment Corp. recently launched a new app, promising to promote content creators by providing a new platform for content monetization with ease. 

Eplayment president and CEO Karlos Naidas noted the surging competition among online content creators, allowing him to consider uplifting and providing these creators a “room for growth.” 

This led Naidas to create a new platform for content creators called PIXEL by Eplayment, allowing them to further monetize their content through Eplayment’s e-wallet features. 

“PIXEL was created to primarily eliminate the creators’ pain point of having to manage their presence on multiple platforms, as their presence is what generates their earnings,” Naidas said. 

“Our key intent is to make monetization frictionless for content creators and, at the same time, also become a content aggregation and management platform to make the transition into content creation that much easier,” he explained. 

PIXEL, introduced recently in the digital sphere, is already running through its web app. Naidas said they are eyeing to launch PIXEL’s mobile app by next month. 

“Content creation is a shift away from professional studio productions and PIXEL, along with its community of users, help alleviate the burdens that come along with being a one-man show by extending tools that simplify everything in one centralized hub,” the platform’s CEO said. 

How can content creators earn via PIXEL? 

First, content creators in any aspect are free to sign up in the web app, creating their own PIXEL platforms. Naidas assures that the platform is not limited only to vloggers and influencers, as streamers, writers, podcasters, bloggers and others alike may sign up as well. 

With their platform, the content creators may “integrate” and promote their PIXEL pages to their respective platforms. This will allow their subscribers access to the creators’ PIXEL. 

Content creators may also utilize other PIXEL functions by posting photos, blogs or articles and a Q&A segment—overall serving as a platform not only for monetization but also for promoting content.  

Users or “fans” may send “PIX” or the in-app credits as donations to their preferred content creators. In turn, these creators can easily cash out these credits through the Eplayment app and other supported e-wallets. 

Likewise, users could “support” the creator by donating funds or purchasing paywalled content posted in the creator’s PIXEL platform. 

Naidas said, “We have the payment processing and the storage of funds with our Eplayment wallet. For the general users, yung features na meron kami [is] typically an e-wallet service. Send funds, add funds.” 

Eplayment has existing partnerships with several banks, as well as the country’s most-used e-wallet GCash. This allows supporters to donate funds to content creators even without a PIXEL account. 

The selling point here, according to Naidas, is that the creators will receive the funds from their accounts “instantly,” and could cash it out whenever they want to. 

He mentioned that some platforms make the creators wait for several days for the payout, but Eplayment markets “the swiftness of that experience.” 

Likewise, there is no minimum or maximum amount that will limit what the creators may cash out. In other words, content creators may cash out as low as P1 from their PIXEL platform. 

PhilstarTech asked Naidas: how can the users be assured that the funds they are sending are being received by the content creators? 

According to Naidas, they have several monitoring tools “from our dashboard, to the bank’s dashboard, to the wallets of our users.” 

He said if they see funds being floated, they process it manually. “Safe siya on the banking side, safe [rin] ‘yung wallet side na’tin on that aspect,” he said. 

However, this happens very “remotely,” and Naidas assured that there should be no fear about this. 

Moreover, in case any incidents may occur, Naidas said that all funds deposited to Eplayment are under banking service platform Netbank, which in turn is covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. 

“We’re just the front end of this NetBank infrastructure so all deposits to the Eplayment wallet are insured,” Naidas said. 

Meanwhile, the platform will soon launch several additional features namely the batch rewarding for fans and account management capabilities for talent and marketing agencies. 

The platform will also launch a subscription model which “will be beneficial in promoting PIXEL as an creator monetization suite.” 

Reflecting on the economy of content creation, Naidas emphasized importance to the supporters who could primarily help creators reach their goals. 

“What this tells us about the creator economy as a whole is that while content creation is an outwardly individual endeavor, it’s your fellow creators and your followers and fans that help you reach your goals in this industry and PIXEL will help them bridge this gap to attain leverage in content monetization,” Naidas said. 

Eplayment formally launched its e-banking features for its full digital wallet suite in 2022 and in that same year, the company was able to reach its first user base milestone of 3,000.